PowerPoint Talking Points for Staff

Epic Go-Live
Talking points and tips for staff
Saint Raphael Campus – June 2013
Talking points for patients and visitors
What is Epic?
Definition of Epic:
Epic is our new electronic medical record system. It is a
single computer system that manages appointment
scheduling, clinic registration, insurance, billing and your
electronic medical record (EMR).
Talking points for patients and visitors
What is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?
Definition of EMR:
An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a
computer version of a paper chart. It brings
together all of the information that used to
be written on paper and stores it digitally.
Your EMR contains your medical exams,
office visits, hospital procedures, test
results, medications, allergies, after-visit
summaries and more.
Talking points for patients and visitors
What are the benefits of Epic?
With Epic, your medical information and health history is stored
securely and digitally in our computer system.
Your medical team has access to your most current health
information allowing them to respond quickly and effectively to
your needs.
You can access portions of your medical records through the
Internet on MyChart.
Talking points for patients and visitors
What is MyChart?
MyChart is a free patient portal on the
Internet where patients can access
portions of their medical records. With
MyChart, patients can manage
appointments, get information from your
physician, and link to helpful medical
Ask your primary care doctor about
Brochures about MyChart are available
in both English and Spanish.
Talking points for patients and visitors
Is my medical information secure?
Yes. Only professionals involved in your care can view
your online record. The same laws that protect the
privacy of a your paper medical records apply to
electronic records. Yale-New Haven follows strict
internal and federal privacy regulations.
Tips for staff
Using Epic will take time and practice.
• Be patient.
• Ask for help. You have resources to support you.
• Apologize for delays and give patients and families
explanations and updates.
• Do not vent in front of patients.
Patients take their cues from staff, so
stay focused on the positive!
Tips for staff
What patients might experience
Patients might experience:
• Delays and waits
• New faces in patient care areas
• Possible distraction on part of caregivers
• Increased activity in patient care areas
• Increased noise
• Interest and curiosity about what’s happening
Patients will take cues from caregivers, so
try to make it a positive experience.
Tips for staff
What are patients concerned about?
 Will they get our attention?
 Will they receive timely communication about what to
 Will their care remain excellent and be delivered in a
manner that is respectful and compassionate?
 Will there be any delays in treatment and response?
 Will their privacy continue to be protected?
Tips for staff
Communication Tips
Include your patient and their family in the Epic experience by:
 Explaining you are using a new computer system
 Sharing what you are documenting. Listen and then type.
 Asking if they have questions about what you are
typing into the record.
 If possible, turn the computer to show what you are
typing and what the screen looks like. Demystify.
 Reinforcing that their information is private – only
individuals who need their information can access.
Tips for staff
Focus on a healing environment
Maintain a clean and quiet environment
- Speak in library voices
- Wear soft-soled shoes
- Ask patients to use headphones for TV
Tips for staff
Focus on a healing environment
I am Yale-New Haven: Important behaviors
- 10/5: Within 10 feet, make eye contact. Within 5 feet, greet.
Acknowledge the patient.
Introduce yourself and explain your role.
Duration involves giving realistic time expectations for
tests/treatments/ other services provided to patient.
Explanation involves communicating and explaining what
the patient can expect.
Thank you conveys your appreciation for their time.
- No venting
Tips for staff
Who you might see during Go-Live
• YNHH “Epic Team”
(wearing purple Epic shirts)
• Other Epic Team members and visitors:
(wearing temporary yellow, I.D. badges)
• Super Users
(wearing purple Epic shirts)
Helping Hands
(stickers worn by volunteers)
Tips for staff
Support and resources for staff
Super Users: At-the-elbow support for you and your
colleagues. Help answer questions and problems.
Command Center: On Campus, available 24/7
Service Desk: 203-688-4357
Patient Relations: 203-789-3508
Website: http://projectepic.ynhh.org/golive
Epic Oasis: Area for relaxation and stress reduction.
Located in the Selina Lewis Board Room - June 3-9.
Open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tips for staff
Service recovery
• As you round on patients and move about the
hospital during Epic Go Live, keep Patient Relations
informed if there are potential issues or concerns
expressed by patients.
• If a patient, family member or visitor is upset about an
Epic-related issue (longer waiting time than usual,
extra noise, confusion, etc.), you can call:
Patient Relations: 789-3508

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