Online Physical Education (Are you kidding me?)

Online Physical
(Are you kidding me?)
Providing physical education and choice fitness
opportunities for students where they live!
Presentation Overview
1. Historical perspective
2. Course creation
3. Current status of course
4. Future
Mike Weston, MMU Principal
When Kathy & the PE/Health Department came
to me with this idea I was ecstatic! This class
allows MMU students to experience a quality
online class led by a teacher in the building who
is there to help out whenever and however it is
This course helped me
prepare for a hiking trip
in equator as well as
helping me understand
how to maintain a
healthy lifestyle.
Where did this idea come from?
1. BYU credit--School Board acceptance of program credits did
not discriminate between quality programs
2. Family-school partnerships overseen by administrators
3. A need for “alternative pathways” to graduation
4. Connecting this generation’s everyday use of technology and
physical activity
Allows MMU PE teachers to keep
students in quality PE classes
Why students would rather take an
online class?
Schedule conflicts--AP’s, Honors, Arts etc.
Not interested in current PE offerings
Need the time to work a job
Not comfortable working out with others in a
class, sometimes a bit self-conscious
What does the research say about
motivation and learning?
What else does the research say?
Technology for Tomorrow’s Teachers: JOPERD Editorial
Article March 2014
● Technology, pedagogy
and concept knowledge model
● Recommends the use of
fitbit flex in technology
What was created?
Online Physical Education:
Personal Motivation
Course Description
What does the class look like?
● 60 hours=½ credit, 15 weeks
15 hours are assignment hours (50% of grade)-approximately 1 hour per week
45 hours are activity hours (40% of grade)-approximately 3 hours/wk
remaining 10% of grade--progress to SMART goal
How are assignments and workouts
● MMU uses Schoology
● Weekly assignments
● Google spreadsheet to record weekly
How is fitness recorded?
● Students issued a fitbit (initially)
collects data including very active minutes
total steps
% toward goal
sleep patterns
phone app and website support
● Activity connected to SMART goal through
google spreadsheet
What is required for assignments?
15 weeks = 15 assignments
The first 7 assignments are:
o 5 components of fitness
o SMART goal
o nutrition
The remaining 8 assignments are “choice based” and focus
on fitness-related research.
What is required for a workout?
Link to weekly workout template
Some of the student’s SMART goals:
By the end of the semester I will…….
*Run 2 miles in 15 minutes
*run a 5K road race in under 30 minutes
*work through a dance routine for 50 minutes without fatigue
*50 push ups without stopping
*run a 6 minute mile
*swim 50 laps of freestyle crawl in under an hour
*run 10 miles without stopping, preparing for military boot camp physical fitness tests
*hike a 30 minute hiking trail without stopping
*hike Mt. Mansfield with a 35-50 lb pack
*use long/skate boarding to train for snowboarding
How has this course progressed?
First Year (2013-14)
September:The course had enough for 2 sections (57 students)
o Fall--30 students
o Spring-27 students
October: Quarter 1, half the students FAILING!
Semester 2: New group of students, purchased and issued Fitbits to students to track
End of the year: Student Services Department scheduled seriously motivated students to
sign up
Second Year (2014-15)
September: 1 section only in the fall, 20 students
October: Quarter 1, only 2 failing.
Why were they failing?
● Seen as “easy PE credit”, not ready to do the work
● Demands of an online vs traditional class, no one to “answer
● Trouble scheduling workouts or completing assignments in a
timely, regular manner
● No face-to-face interaction to clarify assignments or answer
Adjustments made
1. In year 1, created a flex class--”restart button” for failing students after
quarter 1. (Work to be completed quarter 2 and 3)
1. Edited syllabus to clearly state the late assignment and late workout out log
2. Implemented a mandatory face-to-face meeting at the beginning of each new
3. Fitbits not mandatory
Still learning...still making adjustments!
Concerns as a teacher?
● PE from behind a screen?
● Is this where the future is headed?
Guidelines developed
o Only two sections, maximum
o Student Services Department schedule students who have proven success in the
o Seniors fall semester only-not to jeopardize graduation
● What about around 24/7 questions?
Use planning time for student grading, comments, emails
to students.
o Let students know your availability for face to face time.
Future of the class
● Students going beyond
required credits, taking
elective credit?
● Keeping MMU students at
● Honor system--are
students really doing
what they say they are
● New name?
● Earned Credit from a
quality program
● Relying on technology
to track fitness
● Fitbit limitations
Thank you!

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