About me

The Primary school of Emil
Zatopek in Zlin
The Czech Republic
We live in the Czech Republic in the Central
Europe. Our capital city is Prague. Prague is
the old town. There are beautiful sights. For
example Prague Castle, the Old Town
Astronomical Clock, and famous Charles
Our city is Zlin
Tomas's son Thomas J. Bata - In
1939 he developed the Bata Shoe
Company of Canada, centered in a
town that still bears his name,
Batawa, Ontario.
•Under his leadership the Bata Shoe
Organization experienced
unprecedented growth and became
the world's largest manufacturer
and marketer of footwear, selling
over 300 million pairs of shoes each
In 1894 Tomáš
Baťa established
Bata Shoe Company
in Zlin.
He was a proponent
of many aspects of
the Garden City
movement.He made
efforts to modernize
his hometown,
providing the people
with employment and
housing facilities.
This is Zlin, our
city in the Czech
•A city among gardens
•The southern Moravian regional
•Population of about 80 000
•Unique functionalist architecture
•The development closely
connected to the Bata name
Our school is full of
sports. We can do
three sports – ice
hockey, athletics
and swimming. Our
school is in the town
center.Floors of our
schools are divided
by color.
Our school is in the city of Zlin. We attend the
swimming class. We make a good team of
classmates. Teachers are sometimes good and
sometimes not.
Our school has four floors: 1st floor is yellow, 2nd
floor is red, the 3rd floor is green and 4th floor is
blue. Our swimming pool is near our school. We
have a great coach for
The Primary School of Emil Zatopek Zlin
6.A, 6.B
My name is NELA. I
live in Zlin with my
parents and my
brother. Our dog
name is ABBY.My
hobby is Athletics
and hip hop. My
favourite colour is
Hello My name is Adele and I will be 13. I live in the small
town Napajedla next to Zlin. I like animals. I have a cat, a
dog, a hamster, a rabbit, and my uncle has got a lot of other
I do dog sports: Agility, Coursing, Dogtrekking, Dogdancing,
Flyball and I am good at it.
In the future I want to be a veterinarian. Every day I watch the
show from Bondi Beach vet. I really like this show.
I live in this city. It is
beautiful here. I really
really like my town. It
has 7,000 inhabitants, I
have friends and
buddies. I live with my
parents in a large twostorey apartment. I have
no siblings instead I like
my animals. I have a
great room pink colored,
a large bed, a TV, a large
desk and lots of cabinets
and drawers. SO THIS IS
Hello I‘m Katka. I Live in Vizovice
near Zlin. I‘m twelve years old. I
attend the sports elementary school
of Emil Zatopek. My class is 6.A.
My hobby is gymnastic and swimming
mainly. My favourite animal is a dog
and a cat and my favourite color is
blue and yellow. I would like to have a
cat or a dog but Ican‘t because I‘m
allergic, but I will have a turtle or
I have two brothers, the first is Paul
and the second is Ondra.
Hi my name is Vojta.
I live in Zlin. I'm eleven. This is my photo. We
were in Italy and my brother hid me.
My name‘s Lukas
am 11 years old
 I live in Zlin
 I ‘m from the Czech Republic
 My family –a mam,dad,me,and my sister
 I have a cat. She is small and black
 My best friend is Mathew in the class and
also Mark from where I live.
 I like swimming.
Markéta Balážová
• My name is Markéta. I am from
the Czech Republic.
• Our country is home for over
10,000 inhabitants.
My name is Marcel.
I am eleven.
Sara Illéšová
My name is Sarah. I live in Rackova village as part of
Zlin town. My hobby is playing football ,I play for DFK
Holešov and 1.FC Slovácko with girls. I would like to
play in the women´s league. I like gymnastics,
mathematics and computer science at school.
Hi, my name is Jane Vacková
and I live in Zlin and I go to
sports school of Emil
Zatopek. I go to class 6.A and
I like swimming.
Hello,my name is Bára Škubalová.
I´m from the Czech Republic.
My dog Bety
My school
My name is Bara and I am eleven years
old. I live in the Czech Republic which is
located in Europe. I live in Zlín and I like
it here. I go to school that focuses on
sports. I give myself a total of athletics
and I like it. My favorite subject is
maths, arts, science and physical
education. I like to invent stories and
then write and read it. I paint and draw
also. I love riding on horseback, it is a
wonderful view of the world.
My favourite
a horse.
 My favourite
and blue.
 My favourite
 My favourite
animal is a wolf and
color is a white,black
number is sixteen.
lesson is arts.
About me
• Hello.
• My name is Štěpánka. I come from the Czech
• I live in a small village Provodov near Zlín. I like
• I play the piano.
My village
• I live in Provodov. My village is not very well
known. Because it is small. There are a school
and a church. We have the great outdoors.
Honza Pitrman 
My name is John Pitrman. I'm 13 years old.
I live in the Czech Republic, and I am from Zlín.
This is me with my sister.
My sister's name is
Christine. She is 18. I love
my sister. My mother's
name is Carolina. My
father's name is Ivo.
This is my City 
I live in Zlín, our city has eighty thousand
people. I love animals, my favorite animal is a
dog. I have 2 dogs. But unfortunately I forgot
the photos.
Hockey is my life. I am
playing hockey from
three years. I play
Hockey for PSG
hockey club Zlin. I am
the striker. My
teammates are good
friends in this photo. I
hope you like my
Sincerely, John.
My life
Hello my name is Iva Sadílková.
I´m eleven.
My favourite color is pink.
My favourite sport is swimming.
I´ve got one brother .
Girls paint eggs.
Boys make easter
sticks and hit girls
by sticks. And girls
give them some
eggs or sweets.
We have not the
easter bunny who
hides eggs in the
garden like in the

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