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How to Achieve Best Practice
for People with a Dual Diagnosis
of Learning Disabilities and
By Jemma Pogson
University of York
Twitter: @jemmapogson
Email: [email protected]
Best Practice
• Evidence based (RCN, 2012).
• The best available research evidence,
delivered in a feasible way to the
organizational and person-centered context
(NICE, 2013).
• Best Practice can easily be sought from
numerous resources such as; NICE
guidelines, NMC, National Libraries of Health,
NHS Evidence, etc. (Nursing Times, 2010).
• Person-centered
Learning disability Nursing
• One size doesn't’t fit all
• Movement away from the medicalized
model of care to the social model (Slevin
and Sines, 2005).
• Valuing People (2001:2009)
• Mansell Report (2007)
My Placement
Medium Secure Unit
Rehabilitation ward
Dual Diagnosis of learning disabilities and
mental health Conditions
• Sectioned Under the Mental Health Act
• High functioning learning disabilities
How does Learning Disability and Mental
Health best practice co-inside?
• Limited Evidence-base
• Person-Centered Approach
• Working with the service users and the
staff team
What We Did
• Identified an area of practice that could be
developed (Service Improvement)
• Spoke to the service users about their
• Person centered plans – which they had
control over
• Individuals in charge of their own plans.
• Named nurses supported where needed
• Ward-rounds and MDTs supported where
• The newly named ‘My Health Plan’ were
successfully implemented in the two
learning disability wards
• Patients reported satisfaction in gaining
control of their health status
Future of best practice for dual diagnosis
• The future of outlined guidance for dualdiagnosis is looking promising
• NICE guidelines to be produced in 2015
• The Royal College of Psychiatrists has
been commissioned further evidence-base
in mental health conditions including those
with a diagnosed co-morbid learning
Thank you!!!
Any Questions?
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