3 Branches of Government Metaphor

3 Branches of Government Metaphor
1.a thing regarded as representative or
symbolic of something else, especially
something abstract
3 Branches of Government Metaphor
For this assignment you will work on your own or with 1 partner and create a
metaphor poster that completes this comparison: “The three branches of
government under the Constitution are like a …” You will also design and
create an illustration for your metaphor, complete with a brief written
explanation of why the metaphor is accurate. Your group’s metaphor must
have the following features:
An accurate metaphor. You may choose from the following list of ideas, or
you can come up with your own:
a football team
a musical band
a tricycle
a three-part machine
You may not use a 3 ring circus. If you come up with your own – you need
to check with me first.
At the top of your paper you must have a title, written clearly and in large
letters, that reads
“The three branches of government under the
Constitution are like a ___________”
Create a central image for your metaphor. Your image should be bold
and show effort. For each of the required items and the five additional
items, create a visual or part of a visual that represents each item. Be
sure they are labeled and that they fit with the theme of your metaphor.
Your metaphor must make direct comparisons between the 3 branches
of government and the metaphor. In doing so you must label on your
metaphor the required items listed below. They include:
Required: Constitution, The People, Executive Branch, Legislative
Branch, Judicial Branch, President, Congress, The Supreme
Court, Checks and Balances, Separation of Powers, Senate,
House of Representatives
Alongside or below your image, write the word BECAUSE followed
by a list of the three most important similarities between the thing
you illustrated and the three branches of government.
On the back of your paper, create a key identifying why you chose
what you chose for each item used in the comparison.
On the back of your paper, write the two most important ways in
which the thing in your metaphor is different from the three branches
of government.
Your metaphor should be neat, colorful, creative and show effort.
Example: Three ring circus discussed in class. 
The three branches of government under the Constitution are like a 3 ring circus
* a three ring circus involves a lot of different people with set, clear roles
*of the balance involved( the trapeze people, juggling, balancing on a ball etc.) - the system we
have there is a balance of different powers
*There are some potential negatives/dangers to our system (tigers? Falling off the trapeze or high
wire) with things like gridlock, bureaucratic mess, inability to act at some points, the SLOWness of it
Key with explanation:
Executive – Ring 2
Legislative – Ring 1
Holds all the action.
Judicial – Ring 3
People – fans, watching & participating w/ applause
Constitution – poles that hold the tent, the high wire, etc. – keeps it all together
Checks & balances – megaphone & whip – makes sure everyone is doing as they should
Separation of Powers – Ring Barriers – separates the 3 branches
Supreme Court – Elephants – smart & don’t forget (rulings set precedent for future rulings)
Congress – Circus Showmen – They are the Action
President – Ring master – keeps things moving
Convention – tent (everything is under the big top)
House – Trapeze (Flips and swings)
Senate – high wire (balanced membership)

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