Workforce Planning Workgroup Charter

Workforce Planning Workgroup
Business Case
Effective workforce planning will facilitate the transition to a new organization
and minimize disruption and risk to the campus community. Identifying roles for
staff in the Shared Services Organization will help to define functional career
paths for existing staff and enable units to prioritize and restructure
programmatic work at the unit level. New competency frameworks will inform the
Campus Shared Services Implementation team’s Learning and Development Plan,
support leadership development, and contribute to organizational effectiveness.
In Scope:
• Develop guiding principles related to staff transition
• Perform comprehensive risk assessment
• Analyze Detailed Workforce Assessment, sharable work and current-state
staffing ratios
• Evaluate Higher Ed benchmarks
• Develop roles and job descriptions for shared services organization
• Develop competency framework and identify training needs
• Develop transition plan (sweep versus post & hire or hybrid)
• Communications Strategy
Out of Scope/Dependencies:
Activity detail survey (CSSI Team); process mapping, Learning and Development
Plan (Org Effectiveness WG); staff acquisition.
Problem Statement
Workgroup Members
Implementing Shared Services on the Berkeley campus represents a significant
organizational change which will impact a large portion of the staff population.
We do not currently have a plan for staff transition and have not performed a
detailed assessment of how bargaining agreements and policies might influence
our choices. In addition, we do not yet have a clear definition of the roles and
competencies needed to create a high-performing, service-oriented shared
services organization at Berkeley.
Functional Sponsor: Jeannine Raymond
Academic Sponsor: Nilima Bhatia
Group Lead: Darrylyn Swift (interim)
Group Consultant: Emily Gayton
Participants: Andrea Lambert, COrWE rep (Liz or designate), Compensation rep
(Rich Lau or designate), Labor Relations (Debra Harrington or designate), Babs
Lane, Susan Roach, Barbara Broque, Cynthia Weekley, Ann Jeffrey
Goal Statement
Methodology & Timeline
Develop a detailed plan for preparing and transitioning the workforce into a
shared services organization that meets all policy and legal guidelines and is
consistent the with guiding principles for shared services design. The transition
plan should also support Berkeley’s core values of equity and inclusion and
expand opportunities for professional development.
DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Validate)
• Define: 10/20/11 – 2/3/12
• Measure: 2/15/12
• Analyze: 3/1/12
• Design: 3/31/12 – 6/30/12
University of California, Berkeley
• Validate (Pre-Implementation)

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