All About Me T-shirt Activity PPT

“All About Me”
T-Shirt Activity
OBJECTIVES: TSWBAT brainstorm ideas using
various Thinking Maps (TMs) and write in
complete sentences using correct
capitalization and punctuation. (dependent
Bellwork : Answer the following question(s) in complete
What is the purpose of Thinking Maps? A Circle Map? A
Bubble Map?
(***A lesson on Multiple Intelligence will occur before the T-shirt activity. The students will
assess their MI levels.)
You will use Circle Maps and Bubble Maps to generate ideas
about the following:
1. favorite place
2. most memorable moment
3. a word that best describes him/her
4. a wish he/she would like to have granted
[Your photo will go in the middle of the T-shirt on the front. Above your picture, write your Multiple
Intelligence level. If you have more than one MI from which to select, choose only one.]
II. Guided Practice
A. Draw 3 Circle Maps.
B. In the center circle of each map, write the following 3
1. favorite place
2. most memorable moment
3. a wish you would like granted
Once you have selected only one idea for each, circle that idea
and write one reason why you chose each idea.
C. Draw a Bubble Map with 4 attached bubbles.
D. Write “words that best describe me” in the center bubble.
E. Write 4 words that you think best describe you in the
attached bubbles.
Once you have selected only one word that best describes you,
circle that word and write one reason why you chose this
Example Sentences: Putting Your Ideas
1. My favorite place is Gatlinburg, Tennessee because
there are a great deal of activities to do and the weather
is nice.
2. My most memorable moment was finishing my
Master’s because it was very difficult to attend school
while teaching. Therefore, I felt a sense of
3. A wish I would like to have granted would be for all of
my students to pass the iLEAP and LEAP tests this year
because passing is a great accomplishment.
4. A word that best describes me is silly because I like to
joke around.
III. Independent Practice:
You will get into groups to complete your T-shirts.
A. Materials Managers: get the materials and throw
away group’s trash
B. Time Keeper: monitors the time and lets group
members know how much time remains
C. Speaker: If the group has a question to which
they cannot determine the answer, the speaker
will ask the teacher.
D. Task Manager: monitors group members’
progress and keeps members “on track”
Example T-shirts and Scores
Example T-shirts and Scores
Grading Rubric 4 pts. total
• One complete sentence with an explanation/reason
@ ¼ pt. each for a total of
1 pt.
• One colorful illustration for each sentence @ ¼ pt.
each for a total of
1 pt.
• Photo
1 pt.
• T-shirt is nicely rendered, all instructions were
followed and completed, and sentences and
illustrations are clear and readable
1 pt.
4 pts. total
Your sentences should appear directly behind the
appropriate illustration.

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