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Come fly with me
Come fly with me is a comedy, sketch
show, the main characters are David
Walliahms and Matt Lucas. It isn't a
original comedy because its basically
the same ideas as little Britain, but is
still a good program. Including themes
The target audience for come fly with me
would be 12+ to around 60 because if you're
younger you wouldn't get the adult humour.
The length the
show lasts for 30
minutes. Its shown
on Thursday at 9
o’clock on BBC one
These two sorry excuses for security officers
Robert and Stewart show humour in this clip
because of the way they are so bad at there
Audience Pleasures
The audience pleasures are:
-Humour is verbal in most of the
-People can’t relate to the
- only 30 minutes long.
-Stand alone episodes, different
story line each week.
Come fly with me

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