Factors For Interview Success

On-Ramp Program 2010
The participants will learn tangible and
intangible success factors for interview
On-Ramp Program 2010
On-Ramp Program 2010
You can’t cram the night before and ace the
interview. Take the time to fully prepare yourself
for interview success.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Sadly, fewer than 10 percent of all graduating
students take advantage of mock interviews. And
fully 90 percent end up stumbling through several
interviews before they have any practical sense of
how they are doing because that is when the
rejection letters start arriving.
On-Ramp Program 2010
READ the corporate annual
READ the Presidents Letter
to the Shareholders.
Some companies will even
have annual themes or
areas of specific focus.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Go through the motions in your mind.
Anticipate the questions that may be
Visualize yourself as confident and
self-assured. (Not cocky, just
confident in your background and
the benefits you can provide the
Play the part over and over again
until you feel you have truly lived it.
Visualize your success until it
becomes reality.
On-Ramp Program 2010
What really counts… and how to master your
next one!
On-Ramp Program 2010
The truth about
interviewing is that most
initial interviews last only
about five minutes.
On-Ramp Program 2010
If you gripe about your current or
past employers or professors or
make note of any shortcomings in
your life of missed expectations
(even though they may be few!),
you have just relegated yourself to
the position of complainer.
On-Ramp Program 2010
If a question is unclear to you, it
is entirely appropriate to ask a
clarifying question or
paraphrase the question to
make sure you understand.
Parrot back the question in
your own words to make sure
you have the correct meaning.
On-Ramp Program 2010
If you are truly
interested in the job,
do not expect the
employer to make
the first move – ASK
On-Ramp Program 2010
On-Ramp Program 2010
During the interview, sit up straight with
your bottom into the back of the chair.
 You may wish to lean forward at certain
stages during the conversation, but
avoid getting in the interviewer’s
personal space.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Maintain comfortable eye contact
throughout the interview.
 You can use a nod of the head to
indicate understanding and agreement.
 So you’re shy…. Don’t try to
On-Ramp Program 2010
Take a good, long, hard look at yourself in the
mirror. Look at yourself as others would.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Gestures should be very limited during the
Don’t use artificial gestures to try to heighten
the importance of the issue at hand (pardon
the pun).
When you do use gestures, make sure they
are natural and meaningful.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Don’t use phrases such as “To be
honest with you”, “Just between
you and me”, and “Well, I’ll be
completely honest about this”.
Eliminate them from your
On-Ramp Program 2010
Campus fashions don’t cut it here.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Women – light make-up with natural
lipstick shades.
 Light or no perfume/cologne work best.
 Brush your teeth before the interview.
 Eat a breath mint before the interview.
 DO NOT chew gum or have a mint in
your mouth during the interview.
On-Ramp Program 2010
For cigarette smokers, please make sure
that your clothes and hair do not smell of
 Make a practice run to the interview
 Get to the interview early enough to
attend to your hair, cool down and
touch up.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Conservative two-piece business suit
(solid dark blue or grey is best)
 Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse
(white is best, pastel is next best)
 Clean, polished conservative shoes
 Well-groomed hairstyle
 Clean, trimmed fingernails
On-Ramp Program 2010
Minimal cologne or perfume
 Empty pockets. No bulges or tinkling
 No gum, candy, or cigarettes
 Light briefcase or portfolio case
 No visible body piercing (nose rings,
eyebrow rings, etc.) or tatoos
On-Ramp Program 2010
Be prepared!
On-Ramp Program 2010
Tell me about yourself.
Tell me about your experience.
What is your most important
accomplishment to date?
How would you describe your ideal job?
Why did you choose this career?
When did you decide on this career?
What goals do you have in your career?
On-Ramp Program 2010
Can you tell me more about the position
and the type of person you are seeking?
Tell me about an employee in your
organization who is considered to be an
outstanding employee. What makes that
person special?
What would you consider to be exceptional
performance from someone performing in
this position in the first 90 days?
How does my background compare with
others you have interviewed?
I feel my background and experience are a
good fit for this position and I am very
interested. What is the next step?
On-Ramp Program 2010
Can you tell me more about the position
and the type of person you are seeking?
What are the measurements for success
within your organization?
How are you measured as a manager?
What can I do to make you successful?
What will be the measurements of my
success in this position?
I feel my background and experience are
a good fit for this position and I am very
interested. I am ready to consider your
best offer!
On-Ramp Program 2010
How to rise above the crowd
On-Ramp Program 2010
 Wear business attire and tone down jewel and
Arrive early, put cell phones on vibrate mode and
make your rounds alone (NOT WITH FRIENDS).
Make eye contact, smile and shake hands firmly.
 Be able to explain yourself and what you do (or want
to do) in 20 seconds.
Hand out your resume; not a business card.
 Energy Matters. You might only have 60 seconds in
front of an employer. You want to come across as engaged
and interested.
On-Ramp Program 2010
After talking with a recruiter, shake their hand again,
say “thank you” and ask what the next step in the
application process will be.
 Throughout the Job Fair, talk with people and
exchange cards. You never know when that person
you’re talking with in line may be able to help you.
 When you find an employer that you’re interested in
pursuing further, ask for a card so that you can follow up
 If there’s one particular employer you’re especially
interested in, try to stop by their booth right before the job
fair ends. Often the crowd has died down at that point,
and you’ll have less competition for their attention.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Always send a thank-you note to recruiters
with 24 hours. The note should express
appreciation, enthusiasm and continued
interest in the job.
Include another copy of your resume and
specify a time that you will contact them. Then
do it!
On-Ramp Program 2010
Do your part to generate job offers.
On-Ramp Program 2010
The first is to call the interviewer to
thank them for their time.
The second activity is to
immediately write the interviewer
a short note, thanking them for
their time and re-emphasizing your
interest in the position.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Staying in close
contact (at least
once a week) with
your primary
company contact.
Always make sure
you know the next
step in the process.
On-Ramp Program 2010
So what is the very best statement you can make to generate the
job offer? Simple. Ask for the job.
“I feel my background and
experience are a good fit for
this position and I am very
interested. I am ready to
consider your best offer!”
On-Ramp Program 2010
"If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door."
Milton Berle
On-Ramp Program 2010
The first thing you
should do upon
without a job is to
retrace your job
search steps over
the past year.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Contact all
your friends
who just
On-Ramp Program 2010
You have just accepted a full-time job.
You are now a full-time job seeker.
On-Ramp Program 2010
Your job is just around the
corner. Stay with it. Don’t be
afraid to work hard at finding
work. In the end, you will
succeed. I know you will. My
thoughts are with you.
On-Ramp Program 2010

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