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Belize Me
Go Slow is more than a Motto,
It’s the Transformation of your Life.
Study Abroad in Belize Program: Belize City, Belize CA. L.A. Talbert, Washburn University
Prepare Yourself…
Take A Leap…
And Be
Through our travel to Belize we began as
classmates and became forever family.
The Dream Alive in Me
I choose to participate in the Study Abroad in Belize Program because I value the
opportunities afforded to me here in the U.S. The legacy I will leave motivates
me to go out and make a positive difference in this world.
I share the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I dream of a day where “people
are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”.
The program transformed my life. It is a pleasure to interact with the citizens of
Belize. However, my transformation was remembering that there are children
and adults in the U.S. that need us as well. While it is hard to compare the
countries to each other, the compassion and volunteer services are needed in
both places.
What did I do? Everything I could. My life has been transformed from this
experience. Besides having the opportunity to GO SLOW, I focused on my goals.
The goal of this study abroad program is to offer a culturally,
socially and economically diverse experience for Washburn
1. a chance to tutor English speaking Belizean students
living in orphanages;
2. an opportunity to know children and adults who live in an
impoverished area and who are culturally and racially
3. an experience volunteering at Belizean orphanages and
possibly at other charities;
4. a three-day opportunity to participate in a international
symposium, the Belizean International Symposium on
Education, which is different from one’s own schooling
experience; and,
5. This program offers our students the chance to join in a
historically and culturally relevant excursions to the Mayan
Ruins and the Old Belize Museum.

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