Super Size Me? Don*t You Dare!

Super Size Me?
Don’t You Dare!
A presentation of Epic Proportions, by Miss Kelly
Are you Lovin’ it?
 In this spot, you’re going to write whether you
side with the MacDonald’s healthy advertising
campaign or the ideas presented in Super Size
 Tips: LESS IS MORE! Make your point briefly. It’s
really annoying when powerpoint presentations
go on and on and on. So make sure you don’t
write forever, okay? It’s really important to not
bore your audience. So keep it brief….lol get the
Prove it!
 You need to find FIVE facts that support your
main idea.
 I recommend that each fact get it’s own slide.
 TIP: Don’t just read me your slide. TALK about the
fact on it!
A Picture Says 1000 Words!
 You’ve shown some text on your powerpoint.
Great! But now, you need some pictures to help
bring it alive.
 If you want to show the weight gain trend of
Morgan in Super Size Me, why not add a graph?
A Picture Says 1000 Words
 Here’s another idea! If you want to show
MacDonald’s is super healthy, only show
photos of healthy people.
 If you want to show MacDonald’s is unhealthy,
show one of these photos:
About the Design…
 I picked a red theme because MacDonald’s is
red. But really, I could make this stand out more,
 Watch this!
About the Design…
 That’s better! Now my audience will be
constantly reminded of my main point of view.
Special Effects
 Trust me. I’ve lived through some pretty boring
powerpoint presentations in my day. To make the
experience more enjoyable for your audience,
try adding some audio or video clips.
 Go to “insert”, and you’ll see how you can insert
a whole range of multimedia tools.
 Remember- to add pictures, you can just copy
and paste!
In Conclusion…
 This is where you wrap up what you’ve told me.
You might give me a warning against eating
there next time, or you might tell me Morgan
from Super Size Me didn’t work out during his
experiment and that MacDonald’s is really okay!
 Ultimately, leave me with a new idea and make
me remember you.
Give Credit!
 This is where you tell me what your sources were.
For example,
 Sperlock, Morgan. (Super Size Me) 2004.
 Google Images
 “Super Size Me’ Trailer
U<, Accessed October 9, 2012
And of course,
 Thank your wonderful audience!
To recap:
 State whether you think the MacDonald’s Healthy “I’m Lovin’ It”
campaign is honest or dishonest
 Give 5 facts to prove your point and explain them
 Show 3 images to prove your point and explain them
 Put your information together on a power point slide
 Include a conclusion
 Include a bibliography
 Present to the class and be your awesome self!

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