2011 IM Symposium Template - 2014 Information Management

Information Innovation
People’s Choice Award
Mark R. Krebs
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
The Purpose
The IM Symposium “Peoples Choice” Information Innovation
Award is designed to recognize those Blue’s Plans and their
subsidiaries, who have achieved significant business value
or innovation in a proven information-based solution
while advancing the Charter of the IM Symposium.
Overall, our most valuable goal is to share insights learned
among our Blues IM colleagues while recognizing the
value our Plans are delivering to the Healthcare industry
through innovative information solutions.
The Process
 Request for Submissions
 Email & Website request for Submissions
 Finalists
 A selection committee comprised of the IM Symposium Board
Members objectively reviewed & scored each submission against
our selection criteria.
 Top three submissions by points became finalists.
 No board member whose plan submitted for this award
participated in the scoring of the submissions
 The Award Chairman was not a voting member
 People’s Choice
 Winner voted BY YOU during the Symposium
Gold: 1st Place, most IM Symposium votes
Silver: 2nd Place, in total number of votes
Bronze: 3RD Place, in total number of votes
Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners are awarded an IM Symposium
Information Innovation Medal and Trophy.
Physician Quality Information Portal - BCBS Tennessee
BLUEINSIGHTS Mobile Reporting Application - BCBS Tennessee
Provider Performance BI/Analytical Tool - BCBS Florida
The Rules
 Each Finalist will be provided 20 minutes to present their
 Each Attendee of the Symposium will be requested to
submit one and only one vote
 Plans with multiple attendees each get a vote
 Vendors are not allowed to vote
 Any ballot that does not have a name and a vote
selection will be discarded
The winner will be announced on
Wednesday at 10:15 a.m.
Physician Quality Information Portal
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Terry Whitlock (Terry_Whitlock @bcbst.com)
This presentation is considered proprietary information and is not available for viewing
BlueInsights – Mobile Reporting Application
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Maureen Lowe ([email protected])
This presentation is considered proprietary information and is not available for viewing
Provider Performance BI/Analytical Tool
Jaime Figueroa
Neeraj Kapil
This presentation is considered proprietary information and is not available for viewing
Thank You
Your Part
 Vote objectively for the Finalist that you
believe provided the best solution to
their plan.
 Use your own personal selection criteria
to select your winner
 Please vote for one Finalist only
 Please place your Name, Plan, and
Selection on the ballot
 Please write legibly – If we can’t read it we can’t count it
 Place your completed ballot in the
designated ballot box by 3:30 p.m. today

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