Power Point TruVision Health

We’re the company that “talks the talk”
…and “walks the walk”
A new generation of people coming together to take
charge of their lives.
other companies just “talk the talk”, we’re the
company who “walks the walk”.
 While
 To
be known as the most fit company in the industry.
TruVision’s teams of professionals have been formulating
products for over 20 years.
Some of them are the lead products in other companies.
This gives us the ability to offer the highest quality and
lowest prices in the industry.
The 4 problems
that keep people from succeeding
The largest percentages of people that
join a company are gone within12
If the products really worked, that
wouldn’t be the case.
Our products provide such immediate
results that people would buy them even
if they were not part of a direct sales
The 4 problems
that keep people from succeeding
All other MLM companies price their
product too high because they don’t have
in house formulators.
Formulating our own products allows us
to give you the best prices.
It’s important to us to make products of
much higher quality, yet keep the cost
below most any commercial prices.
Pay plans that require too much
structure, so many hoops and hurdles,
that only a few qualify and make any
It’s incredibly important to enable even
the average person to make several
hundred dollars, if not more, right out of
the gate.
We have added an accelerated fast start
over your first 60 days to solve that
After 60 days, you advance into the most
lucrative long-term income stream in the
The 4 problems
that keep people from succeeding
Because of problems one, two and three
the monthly and yearly retention rates
are dismal.
Since our products work and are priced
right and everyone can make a
significant income right out of the gate.
TruVision Health solves all 4 of the
industry problems. They are setting the
standard of excellence.
The 4 problems
that keep people from succeeding
TruFix, a formulation to enhance blood chemistry and PH balance. It
is a stand-alone product that promotes healthy liver function as well
as positively impacting other vital systemic functions of the body.
TruWeight & Energy, a formulation that will help to control your
appetite and provide a natural feeling energy throughout the day.
Together, TruFix and TruWeight & Energy work synergistically to
increase your bodies ability to lose weight without starving yourself.
When taken each morning and afternoon people report a natural
desire to eat less without experiencing the cravings.
Hunger is not a function of the brain or the stomach. Hunger is a
function of the blood. By addressing blood chemistry as you are
losing weight you simply want to eat less. This is why TruVision is
the new leader in the weight loss industry.
Heart & Hydration is an incredibly flavorful drink mix. With heart
problems being one of our world’s great killers, this product couldn’t
be more important.
TruFuel is an advanced whole food trail mix that actually fuels your
body. It’s formulation dates back to the natural fruits and grains,
called pulse, referenced in the book of Daniel of biblical times.
TruSlumber is a natural sleep aid that helps your body to relax, fall
asleep and stay asleep.
Because of the immediate results you get from TruFix and
TruWeight & Energy, we have the best sampling program ever.
Just share our products and videos with your social network,
friends etc. and you’ll have loyal customers and a growing
international business.
It’s just that easy.
Our pay plan includes a superior
fast start program, a unilevel plan
that pays you 8 compressed levels
deep, a 10% check match on all
personally sponsored distributors
and huge global bonus pools.
It’s designed to help you start fast
and earn big.
T r u Vi si o n H eal t h
Co mpen sat i o n Pl an
TruVision Health rewards our associates with asimple, yet generous
compensation system. It consists of four primary components: TheUnilevel,
fast start, theleadership bonus pool, and 10%check matching.
Unilevel: All purchases that carry “product volume” (PV) will generate
commissions for TruVision associates, given thevolumeis on a level upon which
theassociate is qualified to receivecommissions. The table above breaks down
theranks and qualified levels for theTruVision Compensation Plan.
Fast Start : This bonus is designed to help peopleearn back their initial
investment quickly. It is paid on fast start packs.
MatchingBonus: Check matching bonuses area way toencourageleadership
and teamwork in an organization. TruVision Health’s Matching Bonus is a 10%
match on all personal enrollees of qualified associates. In other words, you earn
a10%“match” on theUnilevel commission checks earned by everyoneyou
personally enroll as an associate in TruVision Health.
TruVision BonusPool: This is aglobal bonus pool based on 3%of total
worldwide sales. Thetableto theright indicates how shares of the pool are
allocated according to rank. TheTruVision Bonus Pool is aleadership bonus,
reserved for thosewho achievethe top ranks in thecompensation plan
Fitness trackers will be a big part
of the culture as we track
company wide steps taken, miles
walked, calories burned and fat
lost. Our totals will be displayed
on our corporate site and various
communities within the company.
TruVision Health is so committed
to activity we give free products,
free shipping, prizes and trips for
personal activity. That’s not just
talking the talk… that’s walking the
Dream Big!
Everyone dreams of being at the right place, at the right time, with the right
people. Well… You have arrived…Welcome to TruVision Health.

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