Moses Alobo Gsk - Amref Health Africa International Conference

Positioning the private
sector to contribute to the
post-MDG agenda for
health development
Dr. Moses Alobo
November 2014
GSK wins Access to Medicine Index for the 4th time
GSK improves access to meet the needs of patients in developing countries
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New way of doing business
Not just philanthropy
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Increase access through flexible pricing
Key Facts
We invested £3.9bn in R&D
in 2010.
717 million anti-retrovirals shipped
to the developing world at
preferential prices.
Our agreement with GAVI to provide
pneumococcal and rotavirus
vaccines has the potential to
immunise 250 m children by 2015.
507m of Africa’s 1.4 bn doses
vaccine in 2013
Our aim is to reduce prices for patented medicines in the Least
Developed Countries to no more than 25% of their price in the
UK, ensuring manufacturing costs are covered so this offer is
We have reduced prices by
an average of 45 per cent for
11 GSK patented brands in
Least Developed Countries.
Create a specific portfolio of products
Responding to the needs of patients
• RTSS Malaria Vaccine – The world’s first not for profit
vaccine will be offered at a not for profit price
• Chlorhexidine 7.1% - By reformulating the antiseptic found
in Corsodyl Mouthwash we have created a gel for ubilical
cord cleansing
• In 2013, we reached 16,000 villages in India with a low cost
formulation of Horlicks
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Partnerships to develop new healthcare
delivery models
One Family Health: Expand franchise model to 500 new
clinics in rural Rwanda. 65 child and family wellness
centres in Kenya
Barclays: Develop pharma private sector in Zambia,
through access to lower cost finance. £7m new businesses
Vodafone: Improve vaccine coverage through mHealth
technology - to create vaccine records, send text message
reminders to mothers, and share stock data in real time
Marie Stopes: Improve cervical cancer care in 3 countries
Pink Ribbon/Red Ribbon: Reduce deaths from cervical
and breast cancer in Africa. Ethiopia and Zimbabwe
Trust in Science: Support tropical disease research in
East Africa
Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination Programme
Albendazole donation
• Over one billion people in 73 countries worldwide are
threatened by lymphatic filariasis, a parasitic infection
that leads to a disease commonly known as
• Over 120 million people are infected, with about 40
million disfigured and incapacitated by the disease.
GSK’s commitment:
To donate albendazole to every country that needs it
until LF is eliminated as a public health problem
Since 1999, we have donated 4.6 billion treatments to
support elimination efforts in 60 countries
GSK also provides grants to support to partners
(including WHO)
Nov 2014
Countries that have
received albendazole
for LF
GSK Africa Malaria Partnership
Community education and training of health workers and plans for
Malaria is responsible for an estimated 627,000 deaths each year – 90% are children
under five years in Africa
A community-based malaria control and prevention programme with a focus on training of
community health workers and reaching pregnant women and children under five.
Current partnerships: Amref Health Africa in Tanzania, FHI 360 in Ghana, Carter Center
in Nigeria, Save the Children in Kenya, and Tony Blair Faith Foundation in Sierra
GSK & Save the Children
Helping to save the lives of 1 million children
A long-term strategic global partnership combining expertise,
resources and influence
The aims:
• Widen immunisation coverage for the hardest to reach
• Address nutrition needs of children to alleviate malnutrition
• Bring paediatric medicines to children who need them
• Increase investment in training, reach and scope of health workers
• Develop an innovative partnership model to demonstrate best
practice in the sector
• Deliver programmes on the ground where the rate of childhood
mortality is highest (DRC & Kenya)
• Combine voice and power of influence to create a momentum for
• Develop a Cause Related Marketing initiative with GSK’s brands
to raise funds
Engage & Inspire GSK Employees
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Humanitarian Response & Product Donations
Product Donation Partners
Work with five charity partners with expertise in
emergency response, medicine distribution and
community healthcare
Products typically include antibiotics
Cash budget available £500,000/year for emergencies
and disasters
Humanitarian relief efforts and community healthcare
delivered in over 80 countries
Product offered from GSK inventory and medicines
held in partners’ warehouses for immediate release annual allocation $15m
Targeted activity, e.g. Medical Resupply Programme,
Tanzania (Project Hope), treatment for Burkitts
Lymphoma, E. Africa (Direct Relief)
GSK’s Humanitarian Response & Product Donations
Grants for emergencies
Emergency Response
• Cash contribution for hospital infection control
supplies against Ebola outbreak in Liberia, Guinea
and Sierra Leone
• Medicines and Consumer Health product to Kenya
Red Cross responding Nairobi Westgate attack
• Essential medicines for clinics in refugee camps for
people fleeing conflict e.g. South Sudan and
• Grants for emergency relief in Gaza
Support development of local healthcare infrastructure
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