how to upgrade firmware SpeedUp SmartWatch

How to upgrade SpeedUp SmartWatch ?
1. First, please download latest firmware for SpeedUp SmartWatch from our website . Plug in SpeedUp SmartWatch into computer
by using cable “3,5mm head jack to USB”. Below interface will popup on windows after
driver MTP automatically being install into computer. (support windows 7 above).
2. Copy and paste “” firmware (without extract or unzip the file) into internal
storage SpeedUp SmartWatch.
Note: do not copy it into any folder.
3. Unplug SpeedUp SmartWatch from computer and from SpeedUp SmartWatch navigate
to: “Setting -> About watch -> Firmware Upgrade”. Tap “OK” and process upgrade firmware
will start. Wait until process upgrade is finish. Most likely it will take about 5 minutes or
Note: After update firmware, please factory reset once the SpeedUp SmartWatch to make
sure old data / cache did not cause any problem.

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