Paddle Down When, Where and Why

Paddle down
By: Jason W. Grzadzieleski
Paddle down
• A type of stance by the goaltender when the play is
coming from the corner to the front of the net and
the puck carrier is carrying the puck in front of the
net looking to score.
Here the goaltender puts the stick down on the ground, parallel to the
ice, with the leg farthest from the post down and the other up and ready
to push. This works well against angled rushes or wrap arounds where the
skater would normally out–skate the goalie.
The skater does have the top part of the net to shoot at, but it is difficult to
lift the puck over the goalie from up close. The paddle down stance is
also effective against low passes from behind the net to players looking to
score from the slot.
Video 1
The Paddle Down Save
The paddle down is becoming one of the most popular saves . NHL goalies like Ed
Belfour and Felix Potvin have made the save so famous that it's hard to find a goalie
today at any level who doesn't use it!
The paddle down save is a great save but it should be only one save in each
goalie's arsenal of saves !!
A well-developed goalie should be efficient in every save, should know when to
use each save and have the intelligence to analyze each scoring opportunity and
the effectiveness of each save when it is used. Let's look at the key points of the
paddle down save:
The stick must be flat on the ice and 6 inches in front of the goalie to cushion the
puck when it hits the stick.
The pads should be in a half butterfly form with the left pad flared out on it's side
and the right pad tucked underneath the goalie.
The glove should be on top of the left pad and open to the puck.
The chest and head should be high to cover the upper part of the net.
Wrap Around
Wrap-Around Cont…
1. Handle or Paddle of stick against the outside of the
2. Out from leg pad
3. Grip…….. Make a fist around the stick, helps with
control and harder to knock the stick out of your
4. Keep toe of leg pad inside of the pipe
5. Stay tall as possible, closing gaps against the pipe
Video 2
Butterfly slide
Butterfly slide
1. When moving from a standing to a down
across the net when play is in tight
2. When in a knee lock position, moving side to side
3. Keep glove against the leg pad and keep glove
Players in Tight
Players in Tight Cont…
1. When view is obstructed by players
2. Puck comes out of the chest area (rebound
3. Lost sight of puck
Video 3
Remember positioning
and puck tracking
 Get in tight and stay tight against the pipes if it’s a
wrap-around or pipe side chance
 Stay with the puck, track the puck as best as
 Cover 5-hole when moving with the paddle down,
this allows for the goalie to take up a lot more
space at the net when players are in tight
Thank you!
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