Need and importance of professional development programmes

Professional Development
Enrichment training provided to teachers over a
period of time to promote their development in all
aspects of content and pedagogy.
Need and importance of professional development
•Prepare teachers to play enhanced roles as resource persons
•where pre-service training programmes are of poor quality
•where state governments have recruited untrained teachers
•To address the needs of teachers through continued
professional development and support.
Need and importance of professional development programmes
Explore, reflect on and develop one’s own practice.
Update about one’s academic discipline.
Research and reflect on learners and their education.
Understand and update oneself on educational and social issues.
Prepare for other roles professionally linked to education/teaching,
Break out of intellectual isolation and share experiences
Need and importance of professional development
universalization and inclusion.
Influence social attitudes
 commitment to constitutional values
 overcome discrimination in the classroom.
practice more learner-friendly methods
To achieve specific aspects in the curriculum, such as
the use of a type of technology,
 and adolescent education
Regional centers for Professional
Development DIET
Continuous teacher professional development
 Strengthening teacher education
 Resource centre
 Research and development/action research
 Supervision, monitoring and support
 Administration and Governance
Short and Long Term
Summer Institutes
A conference for the discussion of some subject at which
several speakers discuss a topic before an audience
Professional Conferences
and Meetings
Professional Fora, Resource Rooms
Extension services for school
Teacher Learning Centers (TLCs)
in teacher education institutes can act as the hub of
both pre-service teachers.
Professional Books
and Journals
Action Research
In undertaking action research, educators begin by asking
how current practice might be improve learning
Use of Distance Media
Faculty Exchange
and Fellowships
atical for Study and Research

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