mudslinging in 1824

By the one the only -HUNT
So it starts off like this, Andrew Jackson which is a
Democrat/Republican is facing J.Q Adams which who is of course
a National Republican, in the Presidential Election of 1824
As you all already know this is a national election
John Adams was only accused of one thing which was accused of
misusing public funds, but all he did was buy a chess board and a
pool table for him and his political friends, he had it a lot easier
then Jackson did
Poor old Jackson was accused of murder for executing militia
deserters, but that is only the beginning of his troubles, then
Jackson and his wife were both accused of adultery, and Jackson
believes his wife was so shocked about what people thought she
did, that’s why she died not long after that
But despite the mudslinging going on with both candidates,
Jackson won the election 178 to 83

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