Subregion 5 - Prince George`s County Planning Department

Preliminary Subregion 5
Master Plan and Proposed
Sectional Map Amendment
Joint Public Hearing
April 11, 2013
Council Hearing Room
Upper Marlboro
7:00 pm
His Lordship’s Kindness (Clinton)
Presentation Overview
• Background
Major Planning Issues and Recommendations
Proposed Sectional Map Amendment
Highlight Planning Efforts Since 2009
Next Steps
Master Plan and SMA Development
and Approval Process
May–Dec. 2007
Pre-planning research, listening sessions
and community workshops
Nov. 2007
Plan initiation and approval of Goals,
Concepts and Guidelines and Public
Participation Program
Jan. - Dec. 2008
Plan development/public participation
Jan. 15, 2009
Permission granted to print/release document
March 31, 2009
Joint Public Hearing
July 20, 2009
Planning Board adoption (PGCPB No. 09-109)
September 9, 2009
District Council approval (CR-61-2009)
Master Plan and SMA Development
and Approval Process
April 11, 2013
Joint Public Hearing
May – June 2013
Planning Board worksession; adoption of
Master Plan and endorsement of SMA
June to July 2013
District Council reviews the adopted plan
and endorsed SMA in a worksession. If needed,
a second public hearing is scheduled
Sept. – Nov. 2013
If needed, 2nd Joint Public Hearing is held;
worksession and approval of the Subregion 5
Master Plan and SMA
Subregion 5 Characteristics
74 square miles
Three communities:
- Accokeek
- Brandywine
- Clinton
Includes Rural Tier
and Developing Tier
Population =
approximately 54,500
6% of the total county
Plan Elements
 Vision
 Land Use
 Environment
 Transportation
 Public Facilities
 Economic Development
 Historic Preservation
 Sectional (Zoning) Map
State Planning Act of 1992 Visions
for Local Master Plans
• Development is concentrated in suitable areas.
• Sensitive areas are protected.
• In rural areas, growth is redirected to population
centers and resource areas are protected.
• Conservation of resources, including a reduction in
resource consumption, is practiced.
State Planning Act of 1992
Visions, continued
• Stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay and the land is a
universal ethic.
• Economic growth is encouraged and regulatory
mechanisms are streamlined.
• Adequate public facilities and infrastructure under county
control are available or planned in areas where growth is
to occur.
• Funding mechanisms are addressed to achieve these
2002 Approved Prince George’s County
General Plan (guidelines for master plans)
Encourage quality economic
Make efficient use of existing and
proposed county infrastructure
and investment
Enhance quality and character of
communities and neighborhoods
Preserve rural, agricultural and
scenic areas
Protect environmentally sensitive
Subregion 5: Major Issues
Balance land uses and
transportation issues and address
them comprehensively
Define future land use for the MD
5 corridor, Brandywine Center
and transit nodes
Protect the environment,
particularly the Mattawoman
Creek watershed
Preserve character of the Rural
Tier and agricultural and forest
Land Use Recommendations
Designate a portion of Brandywine as a growth
area with future mixed-use, transit-oriented
Reinforce rural character in the General Plan’s
Rural Tier policy area through the recommended
land use
Recommend a study for the historic village of
Brandywine (MD 381 and railroad tracks)
Land Use, cont.
In Clinton, recommend preparation of a future
sector plan and SMA
Limit new commercial development in Accokeek
Identify transition areas next to Rural Tier where
conservation subdivision technique is strongly
Preserve agricultural and
forest land, conserve
resources by recommending
three Priority Preservation
Areas (PPA) in the Rural Tier.
Pursue watershed and stream
valley protection strategies
Reinforce Rural Tier policy
Preliminary Subregion
5 Master Plan
recommends Priority
Preservation Areas
PPA Functional Master
Plan was approved on
July 10,2012
State implemented
Sustainable Growth Act
Tiers, (SB-236, Nov.
20, 2012) building on
the approved PPA
Transportation Recommendations
• Construct the 2030 priority
road projects by pursuing a
variety of funding sources
• Identifies priority road
projects that will relieve
congestion along the major
• Removes the Western By-pass
Transportation, cont.
Provide for a future right-ofway alignment for Bus Rapid
Transit (BRT) or Light Rail
service on the east side of MD
5/US 301
◦ The Central Branch Avenue
Revitalization Sector Plan reinforces
this recommendation
Recommend locations for
future transit stations: 2 in
Brandywine and 1 in Clinton
Public Facilities Recommendations
3 new elementary schools, 2
new middle school, and 1 new
high school
Improve police coverage
through new/consolidated
stations in adjoining
Subregions 6 and 7
Relocate the Brandywine
Fire/EMS station to the
vicinity of Brandywine Road
and Dyson Road
Parks and Trails Recommendations
Expand stream valley parks
along the Mattawoman,
Piscataway, and Tinkers
Construct a community
recreation center in Cosca
Regional Park and new
community parks
Improve pedestrian and
bicycle connectivity
Historic Preservation
• Strategies to promote public
awareness and appreciation
of historic sites and resources
• Encourage use of existing
historic preservation
• Promote heritage tourism and
recreation as economic
Subregion 5: Major Issues
Preserve rural areas
and enhance existing
community character
Define design
guidelines for
Livingston Road
Identify future land use for the
undeveloped properties southeast of
Livingston Road/MD 210 intersection
Subregion 5: Major Issues
• Build community character
• Improve mobility and
• Resolve future land use for
Hyde Field
• Consider compatible land
use near Andrews AFB, per
AICUZ and Joint Land Use
Subregion 5: Major Issues
• Designate a portion of Brandywine as
a General Plan community center and
define its boundaries
• Identify transit station locations along
MD 5/US 301
• Establish land use patterns for future
pedestrian and transit-oriented
mixed-use communities
• Brandywine Community Park
Future Land Use Map
Approved Central Branch Avenue
Revitalization Sector Plan (CBA)
• CBA was initiated
on March 15, 2011
• District Council
approved CBA on
April 2, 2013 thus
providing more
specific land use
policies and
for future
development in the
MD 5 corridor
Portion of CBA inside Subregion 5
Sectional Map Amendment
Allows for master plan recommendations to be implemented
Proposes to rezone portions of Brandywine
Proposes to rezone land in the R-A Zone (2 ac. lots) and R-E
(1 acre lots) to the O-S Zone (5 ac. lots) to establish zoning
consistency throughout Rural Tier
Limits new commercial zoning in Accokeek
Recommends rezoning of the Hyde Field property from an
Industrial-Employment zone to a low-density residential
Proposed Zoning
Amendments (SMA)
SMA – Notes
The Court Order reversing the approval of the SMA, retained rezoning
of land in these two instances:
• 50 acres in Brandywine, rezoned from I-1 to C-S-C through a
zoning case (A-00006, CR-11-2009); SMA (B-7) proposed to rezone
this property from I-1 to R-R
• 70 acres in Brandywine, rezoned from R-S to M-X-T through the
Council’s approval of a revisory petition; the SMA proposed to retain
the R-S Zone
Next Steps
◦ Planning Board work session to review testimony
and any recommendations or changes that need to
be made to the plan due to actions that have
occurred since 2009, including:
Priority Policy Areas
Central Branch Avenue Revitalization Sector Plan
Brandywine Revitalization and Preservation Study
Joint Land Use Study/Military Installation Overlay Zones
Errata Sheet
The public hearing record closes on April 26, 2013
Next Steps
Planning Board adopts the Master Plan and Endorses the Sectional
Map Amendment and transmits it to the District Council
District Council reviews the Planning Board’s recommendations and
either decides to hold an additional public hearing on revisions, or
approves the plan and SMA as transmitted
District Council Approves the Master Plan and Sectional Map
Brandywine Zoning
Clinton Zoning Changes
Accokeek Zoning
E-I-A Zoned Properties, Clinton
Location - MD 223 and Steed
527 acres
Compatibility with
surrounding land use
Needed transportation
Pending rezoning cases

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