Maryland`s Vision for Asset Management through an Enterprise GIS

Maryland’s Vision of Asset Management
Through An Enterprise GIS System
Maryland Department of Transportation
State Highway Administration
Scott Pomento, P.E.
Deputy Director, OPPE
Maryland’s Vision For Asset Management
Our Vision is to have fully integrated program
coordinated through a GIS based system and
comprehensive documented plans that lay out
sustainable practices and adaptation to climate
Flooding on SHA Maintained Network
Anticipated Changes
Highway Systems & Engineering must Adapt Assets for:
 Increased Temperature
 Increased Precipitation in Spring Months
 More days over 100 degrees F in Summer Months
 Variety of forms of precipitation
 Increased Storm Frequency & Intensity
 Stronger Hurricanes
 Storm surge
 Increased 100-Year Event Frequency
 Sea-level Rise
Vulnerable Land in Dorchester County Maryland
5 ft. feet of Sea-Level Rise
SHA’s Current Asset Management Programs
 Bridge-POINTS
 Stores inventory and condition of structures
Used for funding optimization
 Structurally Deficient (SD) First, Soon to SD next
 Minor Rehabilitations to extend life of asset
 Painting , steel and concrete repairs
 Pavement –Pavement Management System
 Annual pavement condition assessment
 Helps estimate maintenance requirements
 Optimization routine for best pavement funding levels
 Drainage-HYInfo 3
 Inventory and condition to establish needs
 Assess condition first, funding second
 Most assets beyond service life
Asset Data Warehouse (ADW)
Asset Data Warehouse (ADW)
 Vision
 Have all assets integrated into one system and serve as the
official asset inventory
 Goals
 Centralized GIS database
 Easy-to-use toolset for maintenance of asset information
 Integrated map for editing and displaying asset data
 Ability to interface with established asset management and
maintenance management systems
 Comprehensive reporting capabilities
 Flexible design to accept new asset data sets
 Integrate within a Maryland’s Enterprise GIS System
Asset Data Warehouse (ADW)
 Assets
 Highway Lighting
 Traffic Barriers
 Signage (Installation and Sign panels)
 Future Assets Need Based
 Initial Data Collection
 Field Crews using GPS units
 In-house Crews using the Visidata, collected by our ARAN vehicle
and the Surveyor software package
Asset Data Warehouse (ADW)
 Location Selection Manager
 Select assets by form or by map
 Presents Assets by Route
 Features
 Attributes
 Feature Manager
 Presents all Asset Features associated to the Selected Route in
the Location Selection Manager
 Presents Assets by Mile Point
 When user clicks on a record in the Feature Manager, the map
will autozoom
Asset Data Warehouse (ADW)
 Attribute Information Manager
 For the record selected in the Feature Manager, Information can
be updated / modified, and then Saved
 Editing Tools Available in Asset Editor
 Add – Adds either a new Pole, Structure or Panel feature with
attributes to the Lighting database
 Move – Adjust the position of an existing asset feature to a new
location on the map
 Delete – Remove a feature from the database
 Update Location – Change the Route information associated to
the feature
Asset Data Warehouse (ADW)
 Future Enhancements
 Reporting Module
Canned Reports
Customized Reports
 Customized Queries
 Integration with Established Systems
 Maintenance Records
 Condition Assessments
 Mobile Applications
Enterprise GIS System (eGIS)
The Enterprise GIS System Adds Value to Asset Management
 Promotes Collaboration
 Integrate databases of data
rich offices (Bridge, Drainage,
 Data owners maintain
 Promotes Dissemination
 Reach large GIS customer
 No GIS software license
required by desktop users
 Promotes Coordination
 Sustainable data and system
 Data driven decisions in realtime
Asset Data Warehouse (ADW)
Highway Lighting Editor
Coordinate with Pavement on upcoming Projects
AT MD 45 and MD 139: Resurfacing Project to start FY13
Review Crash Data
Several Severe Crashes on MD 45 on this route segment; 2 at the intersection:
Initiate Traffic Study
Are the Sidewalks and Driveway Crossing Compliant
2 Sidewalks Non-Compliant, 2 Missing Sidewalks, 5 Driveway Crossings Not
Compliant: Utilize Resurfacing Project to Make Compliant
Review Assets and Climate Change
What Assets are affected by Climate Change at 2ft and 2-5ft inundation?
Watch Video of the Road Segment
Take a Closer Look: Access Video with one Click
View Video Collected by the ARAN vehicle
View Video
Link to Photos and Plan Sheets
Link to Photos Stored in the Structures Database

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