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Choosing Wisely
in Washington state
Choosing Wisely
An initiative of the ABIM Foundation
Why Stewardship? Why Now?
Health care expenditures are increasing at unsustainable rates
Commonwealth Fund National Scorecard on U.S. Health System Performance, 2011
Approximately 30% of healthcare costs (>$750 billion annually) are
on wasted care.
American College of Physicians
One third of all physicians acquiesce to patient requests for tests and
procedures—even when they know they are not necessary
Campbell EG, et al. Professionalism in medicine: results of a national survey of physicians. Ann Intern Med. 2007;
Physician decisions account for 80% of all health care expenditures
Crosson FJ. Change the microenvironment. Modern Healthcare and The Commonwealth Fund [Internet]. 2009; Apr 27
“Five Things” Lists
ABIM partnered with medical specialty societies to
develop evidence-based recommendations of the
“Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question”
because they’re ineffective, unnecessary, or harmful.
Tests and
“Five Things” Lists
Consumer Reports Health
Choosing Wisely
in Washington state
ABIM Grantees
ABIM Foundation awarded funding—through Robert
Wood Johnson Foundation—to 9 Regional Collaborative
and 12 State Medical Societies/Associations
 In Washington: Washington State Medical Association and
Washington Health Alliance
 Goal: To educate participating physicians about the
recommendations from the specialty societies
 RWJF also provided additional funding for Consumer Reports to
educate consumers/patients
Washington Activities
 WSMA: Know Your Choices – Ask Your Doctor
 Alliance: Own Your Health
 WSMA: targeted provider e-mails, articles, action manual,
speakers bureau, earned media
 Alliance: state-wide data, articles, materials for employer groups,
Consumer Engagement Committee
 WSMA & WSHA: Medical Officer Collaborative communications
Kick-off event for providers in October 2013
Washington State Choosing Wisely Task Force
 Co-sponsored by WSMA, Washington Health Alliance and WSHA
Washington State Choosing Wisely Task Force’s Goals
Working together to advance Choosing Wisely in
Washington state:
 Identify opportunities for improvement
 Accelerate implementation and integration
 Reduce the number of unnecessary tests and procedures
Washington State Choosing Wisely Task Force Members
Inna Andrews, MD
Gary Knox, MD
Katherine A. Choi-Chinn, MD
Richard Clarfeld, MD
Milton Curtis, MD
Christopher Dale, MD, MPH
Connie Davis, MD
David C. Dugdale, MD
Scott Foster, MD, MPH
Matt Handley, MD
Dale Hoekema, MD
Kent Hu, MD, MPH
Norris Kamo, MD, MPP
Dan Kent, MD
Scott Kronlund, MD
Pat Kulpa, MD, MBA
Francis Mercado, MD
Scott Ramsey, MD, PhD
John Robinson, MD, SM
Richard Spiegel, MD
Thomas K. Varghese Jr, MD, MS
Terri Wolber, ARNP, DNP
Medical Director
Board Member
Medical Director
Medical Director
Medical Director
Chief Medical Officer
Medical Director
Medical Director, Specialists
Medical Director
Chief Medical Officer
Associate Medical Director
Associate Physician
Medical Director
Chief Medical Officer
Medical Director
Chief Medical Officer
Public Health Sciences Division
Chief Medical Officer
President and CEO
Medical Director
Quality Committee Member
Multicare Health System
Rockwood Clinic
WA State Radiology Society
Overlake Medical Clinics
Swedish Medical Center
Skagit Regional Health
UW Medicine
PeaceHealth Medical Group
Group Health Cooperative
Kadlec Health System
The Everett Clinic
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Premera Blue Cross
Northwest Physicians Network
Regence Blue Shield
Franciscan Health System
Fred Hutchinson
First Choice Health
Signal Health
UW Medicine
Pacific Medical Centers
Less waste. Less harm. Choosing Wisely in Washington state
Data Report
 Used data from Alliance's multi-payer data base
representing 3.3 million commercial and Medicaid
 Recognize the value and limitations of claims data
 Reported county-by-county
Headache: Imaging for headache
Sinusitis: CT scan for sinusitis
Sinusitis: AB treatment
Back Pain: Imaging for back pain
Syncope: Imaging for simple syncope
Adnexal Cysts: US follow up
Appendicitis: US before CT
Paps under 21 years
Paps with hysterectomy
Annual Pap tests
Spirometry (underuse measure)
Less waste. Less harm. Choosing Wisely in Washington state
Key Findings
 Variation exists. Often the rates between the lowest and highest
performing counties vary by more than twofold.
 Overuse is a common problem.
 Where you live may influence the treatment you get.
 Opportunities to reduce waste exist in every county.
 Patients may be getting unnecessary care that costs money and
puts them at risk.
 Regional patterns may be affected by the availability of services
and equipment or provider practice patterns.
Less waste. Less harm. Choosing Wisely in Washington state
Biggest opportunities for improvement
 Imaging for uncomplicated headaches: 25%
 Antibiotics for sinus infections: 37%
Success Stories
 CT scans for sinus infections: <1%
 Pap tests for young women under 21 years: 4%
Less waste. Less harm. Choosing Wisely in Washington state
American College of Radiology’s Choosing Wisely
“Don’t do imaging for uncomplicated headache”
Washington State
Best Performing
Worst Performing
15% Okanogan
and San Juan
35% in Pend
13% in Adams and
41% in Clark
All Payer
Less waste. Less harm. Choosing Wisely in Washington state
American College of Radiology’s Choosing Wisely
“Don’t do imaging for uncomplicated headache”
Commercial average: 22%
Medicaid average: 30%
“Change One Thing” Initiative
By focusing on a single recommendation, we will:
 create measurable change
 gain valuable information about how to integrate Choosing
Wisely recommendations into practice
“Don’t do imaging for uncomplicated headache”
 impacts a broad range of specialties, provider-types, and caresettings
 impacts a large number of patients in our community
Choosing Wisely Action Manual
Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change to Integrate
Choosing Wisely
1. Establish a sense of urgency
2. Create a guiding coalition
3. Develop a change vision
4. Communicate the vision for buy-in
5. Empower a broad-based coalition
6. Generate short-term wins
7. Never let up
8. Incorporate changes into the culture
Washington State Choosing Wisely Task Force Reports:
• Choosing Wisely Action Manual:
• Less Waste. Less Harm: Choosing Wisely in Washington State:
• Choosing Wisely Claims-Based Technical Specifications:
National Choosing Wisely Resources:
• ABIM Foundation’s Choosing Wisely website:
• Consumer Reports Health’s patient education:
Contact Us
Task Force Chair: Matt Handley, MD, [email protected]
WSMA: Jessica Martinson, [email protected]
Alliance: Teresa Litton, [email protected]
WSHA: Tanya Carroccio, [email protected]

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