Competitive Analysis MD series against TV product

Why Samsung professional LFD
instead of consumer TV for your business environment
Why use a Large Format Display vs a regular TV for your business?
Any Brand TV
Panel- Consumer Grade ; High Quality
but meant for limited consumer usage
PC Usage- with flickering ;
actually not meant for
computer usage.
Panel- Highest Quality meant
for professional usage.
PC Usage- No Flickering ;
stable ; High Quality
Display with
Built in player
Electronics- Consumer
Grade Electronics
Brightness- For usage in homes
Brightness of 350cd/sqm
Warranty- Warranty limited to 2 Years
(B2C market approach)
Anti Image Retention
Not considered
Operation- Horizontal display only
Electronics-Industrial Grade
Long Life Electronic Boards
and components
Brightness- High
Brightness of 450cd/sqm
Warranty- 3 year Onsite Warranty
(B2B – professional approach)
Anti Image RetentionIn Built software solution
Operation- Horizontal or Vertical
Display Mode
Why use a Large Format Display vs a regular TV for your business?
1. More Reliable
→ Better for long & more intensive use then a consumer TV
Internal components professional use oriented
2. Adapted for usage in professional environments
→ A clear and sophisticated display quality in bright environment of public places
→ Less relfection from light: anti-reflection coated
3. Cheaper solution than a regular TV
→ Initial investment is higher, but total ROI needs to be taken in
consideration so in the end LFD solution is cheaper (total scope)
4. Continuity
→ LFD product cycle more stable & more long term approach responding
to professional customer needs and expectations
5. Easy management of your content
→ Internal Media Player
→ Free software for content management - MagicInfo Lite S/W included
How is a LFD more Reliabele than a TV?
 LFD panel has lower operating temperature vs a consumer TV
• Control of internal temperature through fan
• Appropriate for a long-term use
 Consumer TV:
• Product longevity is affected due to
excessive heat in case of a long-term use
 DID dedicated Panel
Additional Thermal spread sheet
• Use of DID panel dedicated to the Digital Signage market
 Consumer TV:
• Use of General Consumer Panel
 No image retention occurs even with displaying a fixed
pattern video for a long time (image retention mode)
 3 years professional warranty LFD vs 2 years warranty
consumer TV
LFD more adapted for professional environments
 More brightness vs regular TV (up to 700nits vs 350 nits)
 Anti-reflection coat on LFD, not so on consumer TV.
 LFD offering full connectivity (still VGA - not present anymore on TV)
 DVI port locking type signal cable preferred for public area
 Safety lock: securing function keys in public area
 Timer : on/off, source, volume and holiday option
 Auto source switching : automatic switching to secondary source if primary
Conventional TV
Samsung LFD
Easy management of your content
 Free software MagicInfo Lite with embedded media player solution
 Easy scheduling of your content : allows you to play content (image, video,
document files) at a desired time
 You can play content saved on internal memory or USB memory
 You can also play content via MagicInfo Lite Server after connecting to a
network (for free up to 25 displays)
Strong points analysis LFD pro vs. consumer TV
LFD - MD series
DVI port / VGA
Pro area
Safety lock
Auto source switching
RS232c in/out
Remote control
MDC program
Various commands
Digital sigange
software (basic)
locking type signal cable preferred for pro area – VGA
still needed
Securing / blocking function keys for pro area
on/off, source, volume and holiday option
Automatic switching to secondary source
if primary is down
Effective and economical configuration via daisy chain
only RS232C in
Multi Display Control program - provided as in-box
enough protocol command supports for precise
MagicInfo Lite
suitable digital signage software for light users
local and remote scheduling supported
Embedded media
storing media contents in intermal memory
simple scheduling by remote controller
(B2C functionality)
Components linked to pro
Maximum ROI
Daily operation
Professional usage more intensive - possible up to
16h/day or 24/7
Hard power switch
Automatic calculation of bezel width for natural
simple videowall possible without any additional
Isolate power supplier from power system
IT standard
compliant with IT standard IEC60950
3 years – B2B approach
longer warranty policy – B2B philosophy
Natural mode
10x10 (Max. 100 units)
2 years
5. Objection handling
1. Connectivity(1/2)
Samsung LFD seems not to have enough connectivity, specially on HDMI or Analog
• Samsung LFDs have all necessary ports responding to professional usage (centralized,
more easy for integration etc
• DVI interface is more recommended because connection in public area is firmly secured in
order to prevent cables from detaching accidently.
• Digital source like HDMI can be input via DVI cable as well with HDMI to DVI cable
5. Objection handling
1. Connectivity(2/2)
Samsung LFD doesn’t have TV input port
• Samsung MD series have TV ANT input for US and Korea market.
• In other regions, TV tuner box provided by 3rd party is broadly used specially in public area
for user convenience
<North America / Korea>
<World Wide>
Tuner box
5. Objection handling
2. Price
The unit price of LFD is relatively higher than consumer TV
• LFD and consumer TV just cannot be compared as such - need to take into account total
scope (product technology, TCO, warranty, ….)
• If user scenario is not just watching TV, total installation cost and operation cost should be
• Normally, media player and scheduler s/w are required for digital signage installation as
another cost. Samsung MD series has embedded PC and Magicinfo S/W inside which no
additional cost needed
Retail TV
Media Player
Scheduler S/W
Total installation cost

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