Central Maryland Regional Transit Facility

Regional Transportation Agency
of Central Maryland
Transportation Management of Central Maryland
This Presentation Will:
1. Provide a brief overview of the RTA.
2. Explain the new management structure.
3. Provide details about the Central Maryland Regional
Transit Facility.
4. Talk about the challenges of the new organization
5. Show samples of visual changes to enhance and
rebrand the organization.
6. Provide answers to questions.
Why Was the RTA Established?
• To create a more effective and efficient public transportation
system in Central Maryland.
• To reduce operating costs by more than 10%.
• To combine management and administrative functions of
multiple transit organizations.
• To provide better customer service for our riders and
organizations we serve.
Participating Jurisdictions
New Management
To combine all of the administrative and operating
activities from Anne Arundel County, Howard County,
Northern Prince George’s County, and the City of Laurel
fixed route and paratransit services into a single entity
called the RTA .
Benefits of RTA Organizational Structure
Central Maryland Regional Transit Facility
8800 Corridor Road, Annapolis Junction, MD
Central Maryland Regional Transit Facility
8800 Corridor Road, Annapolis Junction, MD
• 22,000 total square feet
• 5 Maintenance Repair Bays, 1 Chassis Wash Bay, 1 Vehicle Bay
• 105 bus unit capacity
• 200+ employees
Facility Benefits
• Service multiple transit vehicles from 4 jurisdictions in one central
• All service, maintenance and refueling on-site.
• Project is seeking LEED Silver Certification. LEED components; water use
efficiency, energy optimization, recycled building materials and indoor
environmental quality.
Central Maryland Regional Transit Facility
Funding of the Facility
• FTA (Federal Transit Administration)
• Howard County
• MTA (Maryland Transportation Agency) $1,755,000
• Anne Arundel County
• Total Cost
Engineering Firm:
RK&K Sub-consultants
Construction Firm:
Roy Kirby & Sons
Construction Oversight: Whitman, Requardt & Associates
Project Completion Date: Mid-March, 2015
RTA Operations Began July 1st
What did riders experience?
Same level of service.
Same fare structure.
New schedules and easier to read maps.
Routes remained the same with some added efficiencies
Former Howard Transit / Connect–a-Ride routes are now branded with RTA logos and
Maryland colors.
New RTA route 3-digit numbering system instead of colors and alphabet.
Bus driver uniforms are RED, BLACK and TAN.
Set up of Organization
Completion of (2) Administrative office set ups
Furniture, phones, computers, Internet
Operations and Maintenance move set for late March?
Delays in New Operations Facility Construction
Procured used buses from several locations
MTA- (4), 40’ NABI’s
Duluth- (6), 30’ Low Floor Gilligs
St. Cloud- (5), 35’ Gilligs
MTA- Prince Georges- (7 ), 35’ Thomas High Floor
MTA-Annapolis- (3), 30’ Optima’s
(25) Total buses new to our organization
Organizational Setup
Complete Organizational Setup/Startup
Retain, Recruit, Hire and Train for all positions
Business Licenses, Software Needs, Union
Develop Policies and Procedures
Procure / Purchase office equipment- Computers,
furniture, phones, Forklift, Tools, Assets
• Clean Facility
• Transform a “For Profit” Culture to a Customer Service
oriented policy
• Cleaning and repairing deferred maintenance on building.
• Improving Passengers Per hour Paratransit/Cab rides
• Educating employees the importance of Customers
• Developed several marketing techniques to educate
consumers on new RTA Brand.
• Develop tools to create a smooth transition for riders
Fleet Branding
Schedules & Maps
Bus Shelter Branding
Former Shelter Design
RTA Shelter Design
Street Signage
Former Signage Design
RTA Branded Signage
Branding Video
Marketing & Outreach
Creation of the new RTA
Overview of changes
Challenges of new startup
Marketing of new organization
• Contact Information:
Phil Pumphrey, General Manager
Regional Transportation Agency / First Transit
[email protected]
410-796-6589 x204

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