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Welcome To the RUSA
[Insert name of meeting] [Insert date]
Connect to the Audio Bridge so you can hear and be heard.
Step 1:
Step 1: On phone icon, Connect My Audio.
Step 2: Choose how you want to hear:
To hear using your headset or computer speakers,
select “Using Computer”
To hear using your phone, select “Dial-in” and call the toll-free
number and pass code listed.
Step 3: Click Join. You will see a popup asking for
access to your microphone. Choose Allow.
Still Can’t
Run through
the Audio
Setup Wizard
found under
Meetings at
the top left of
the room.
If all else fails:
Close the room and
come back in again.
Chances are your
headphones/mic, are
not being recognized.
Refresh your session
by re-entering the
Using Adobe Connect - sound
• Please make sure the sound
button in your top tool bar
is green
• You may need to turn up
your speakers or “Adjust
Speaker Volume” to hear
• Still can’t hear? Let us
know in the chat
• Please mute your
when the presenter is
Using Adobe Connect - Chat
• If you lose sound, please
let us know in the chat box
• There will be time for Q&A
at the end of the session;
at that time please type
your questions into the
• If not all questions are
answered, the instructor
will email all attendees
with question answers
Using Adobe Connect - Emoticons
• Found in the top tool
bar, these assist in
communicating with the
presenter non-verbally
• Once clicked, the symbol
lasts for 10 seconds next
to your name in the
participants box
• Please be selective in
emoticon use

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