City of Copenhagen
The City of Copenhagen
The City of Copenhagen
The City of Copenhagen
• The Bella Center and the Bella
Sky Hotel are connected.
• Downtown CPH by Metro
To the airport 15 min
To the Bella Center 10 min
The City of Copenhagen
The Bella Center and the Bella Sky Hotel are connected.
Scientific Committee - 2015 Copenhagen
Matti Aapro MD
Sam Ahmedzai MD
Snezana Bosnjak MD
Eduardo Bruera MD
Sussanne Börjeson RN
Alexandre Chan Pharm.D.
Hans Petter Eikesdal MD
Marianne Ewertz MD
Birgitte Grube RN
Jørn Herrstedt MD
Paul Hesketh MD
Siri Beier Jensen DDS
Karin Jordan MD
Ulrik Lassen MD
Richard Logan DDS
Sultan Kav RN
Dorothy Keefe MD
Charles Loprinzi MD
Alex Molassiotis RN
Ian Olver MD
Bernardo Rapoport MD
Gunta Purkalne MD
Fausto Roila MD
Florian Strasser MD
Declan Walsh MD
David Warr MD
Plenary Sessions - 2015 Copenhagen
• Evidence-based Supportive Care
– Why should guidelines be evidence-based and what is evidence?
– Implementation of evidence-based guidelines
• Pharmaceutical Supportive Care
– Pharmacogenomics in Supportive Care
– Personalized Supportive Care Medicine
• The Oncologic Tsunami
– Older cancer patients survive – are we prepared?
– Reality of supportive care in the developing world
• Supportive Care is a Continuum
– Supportive Care in survivors
– Can we afford to care?
Parallel Sessions - 2015 Copenhagen
• Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea
• Oral Complications in Head and Neck Cancer
• Bone Health
• Endocrine Aspects of Survivorship
• Cardiotoxicity
• Neurological Complications
• Skin Toxicity
• Targeted therapy-induced toxicity
• Mucositis
Parallel Sessions - 2015 Copenhagen
• Best Supportive Care in Cutaneous Malignancies
• M-Health
• Supportive Care in the Elderly
• Bone Marrow Toxicity
• Fatigue
• Disease Specific Supportive Care X 4
• Proffered papers x 3
• Best abstracts young investigators
• MASCC/EONS/FSK joint session
Meet the Expert - 2015 Copenhagen
• Antiemetics
• Exercise in Cancer
• How a to write a Manuscript for SCC
• Nutrition and Cancer Cachexia
• Use of Cannabinoids in Supportive Care
• Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
• Management of Patients with Delirium
• Cancer and Thrombosis
Pro et Con - 2015 Copenhagen
• Euthanasia (assisted dying)
• Antithrombotic agents for incurable patients
• Opiods in cancer-related dyspnoea

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