HP EG Q4 Manual

HP EG Field Team
Joe Harchut, FTC: 480-466-5016
North Central
Rick Stephens, CAM
Tommy Mac, FTC
Bob Winters, CAM
Steve Adams, FTC
Tricia Schooping, CAM
Joe Harchut, FTC
South Central
Gary Dail, CAM
Joe Harchut, FTC
Steve Eill, CAM
Steve Adams,
Murray Edwards, CAM
Steve Adams, FTC
Updated 7/11/2013
Carmen Alameno, Sr. Director, ITS Field Sales
610 574-7344
Mark Herberger
Sr. Manager, ACD Field Technical Ops
Sara Staple
Sr. Market Development Specialist
[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 67216
 Partner Portal Link
 www.hp.com/partners/us
 Deal Registration Link
 Deal Registration
 Partner Portal Phone #
Ashley Salinas
Market Development Specialist
[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 66621
 Server Technical
Resources Phone #
 1-800-445-5066, ext. 24020
Choose Option 3
HP SERVERS | Programs
 Smart Buy
The best pricing upfront. No authorization is needed and
quantity is unlimited. HP recently reduced the price on
most SmartBuys by 10% to better compete.
Competitive Pricing Edge, This program is offered on a
quarterly basis through HP to help resellers better
compete with other vendors. An additional discount can
be added upfront to a Server and all of its options for a
larger over all discount. This is offered on a case by case
basis. Please contact us or your sales teams with
opportunities that fit this criteria and we will approve funds
as needed.
 *New* Competitive Target
“Cisco Take Out” for deals that are up against Cisco. This is
applied for while registering the deal.
New Business Opportunity, HP looks 24 months back, the
discount for ISS is an additional 5%. This is stackable with
Big Deal and other discounts. This discount is reseller
initiated through the partner portal. Please contact me for
step by step directions. Only one reseller can have an
NBO for an end user.
 Big Deal
This is an end user driven HP discount program where the
discount is given for one specific end user. There are two
tiers to a Big Deal; Framework and Project. Resellers can
apply via the partner portal.
 *New* SSR
This program is intended to reward resellers who are
working the deal and have been heavily entrenched with
the end user. In order to qualify you must have a
specialist/advanced designation and answer 6 detailed
questions for HP regarding the deal. This discount is
reseller initiated through the partner portal. Only one
reseller can have an SSR discount for an end user.
Value ISS Gen 8+8
ISS SLED Gen 8 + 8 New Logo Promotion is a limited time offer designed to provide an Agent commission on select ISS Gen 8
products when selling to a new SLED end user customer that has not purchased ISS products in the past two years. Sales to
end-user customers must ship by October 31, 2013 to be eligible. If VEP Deal Registration is approved, the promotional rebate
for the eligible SKUs will provide an additional 8 points of margin.
The SSR Program rewards Enterprise Group Specialists (i.e. Professional Storage,
Professional Networking, etc…) with incremental 5% to 7% list price discounts for solution
sales. The SSR discount benefits are available on BTO orders only and stackable with
NBO, along with Project and Framework Big Deals.
Eligible on specific project opportunities
No minimum deal size
All end-user segments except Federal
and Global
Ships to specific single end-user location
Requires HP Field review and approval
No prior Volume/NBO/Target/SSR
registration benefit or published RFQ in
place for the same end-user opportunity
Stackable with SmartBuy
Only one partner receives registration
benefits per opportunity
Not stackable with other Target benefits
Discounted Product Lines
Product Line
SSR Benefit (% of
1Y, 3C, LL, LI, 3V, R8
J2, R8
HPN switching, routing, applications, accessories
6H, i5, i7, 1U, 35, 3W
HPN wireless access points & controllers
SY, SI, TN, LA, J3, PD,
UZ, MV, 4U, 4Q
K3, UW, JN
Volume Deal type
Business Class Storage
Business Class Storage P4000
Industry-standard servers
Industry-standard servers
Technology Services – Other Note: Technology
Services PL 6W, R8, and 06 are contained in the
hardware deal types above.
Technology Services – Networking
HP is improving big deal with key enhancements:
Open to all HP Authorized Partners
Easier application process via the Deal Registration tool
Compatible with BTO and CTO
Framework and Project Big Deals
 Framework Big Deals
Initial pricing via Framework Big Deal for ongoing business
No Minimum threshold,
Stackable with Approved Incentives
Six month duration with an automatic six month renewal
Product family tiered pricing
If deeper discounts are required a framework big deal can be moved to a project big deal
 Project Big Deal
HP field sales will be required to approve project pricing requests
Intended for a full HP solution
Three month duration
Stackable with Approved incentives
Must meet minimum dollar thresholds
No partial orders - All products must be purchased off the Project Deal and fulfilled through a
single distributor
Available for the following PLs: MV, 4Q, and UZ (Blade Servers)
Value Express Pricing (VEP): 10% Target incentive stackable with New Business Opportunity (NBO) and VBD
 Once a deal moves from VEP to VBD, the benefit is calculated on end user net price
Volume Big Deal: 10% Target incentive
Deal Registration Requirements:
Partner must identify the deal as a “Cisco competitive take-out” in the Project name/ID field when they register the deal (NBO or Project
Big Deal). Once all the correct information is entered, the deal will be sent to the field for validation that the deal was a Cisco competitive
server deal, as part of the approval process.
In the event the partner already has an existing ISS Volume/Value deal in place for the same end user, the partner will qualify as eligible
to be approved for the new deal. However, in these cases, partners will be required to void out the existing deal and add a new one,
adding the original deal # to the notes. If it’s not the same partner entering the deal, the deal will be denied.
Effective through October 31, 2013
ISS SLED Gen 8 + 8 New Logo Promotion is a limited time offer designed to provide an
Agent commission on select ISS Gen 8 products when selling to a new SLED end user
customer that has not purchased ISS products in the past two years, (February 28, 2011
through February 28, 2013). Rebate provides additional 8% margin.
 Process:
Partner identifies an eligible new logo SLED customer
Partner submits a VEP deal registration for the opportunity in HPs Deal Registration system on the HP Partner Portal
Partner must include Promotion Name: “SLED Gen 8+8” in the Project Name field of the deal registration
If VEP Deal Registration is approved, the promotional rebate for the eligible SKUs will provide an additional 8 points
of margin. See attached SKU List for full details.
If VEP Deal registration is denied – no opportunity for ISS SLED Gen 8+8 promotion, so promotion does not apply
Only SKUs provided in this promotion will be eligible for the additional Agent commission
Once deal is won, partner places the order with Ingram Micro and notifies HP of the win to
facilitate a backend claim for the additional 8% Agent commission.
Each partner will be required to submit a promotional claim notification via email to their HP SLED Channel
Specialist & provide proof of win (see Claiming section for full details)
HP SLED Channel Specialists will facilitate claim on partners behalf
Approved claims will be paid to partners monthly
Promotion timeline: March 1, 2013-October 31-2013
See your ICAM for complete T’s & C’s as well as the Sku List
Double Click the Image for PDF
Effective through October 31, 2013
Scott Hornyak
Sr. Market Development Specialist
[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 67369
 Partner Portal Link
 www.hp.com/partners/us
 Deal Registration Link
 Deal Registration
 Partner Portal Phone #
Danielle Marnalse
Market Development Specialist
[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 65184
 Storage Technical
Resources Phone #
 1-800-445-5066, ext. 76429
Choose Option 1
HP STORAGE | Programs
 Competitive Pricing Edge
 Volume NBO
 Competitive upfront funds
 Two-year look-back period per the end user
 Used to win opportunities up against HP
to qualify
 No minimum threshold
 Eligible HP Commercial Product
 See Ingram Market Development team for
fund requests
 Framework Big Deal
 No minimum threshold
 Stackable with NBO
 Excess Inventory
 Upfront discounts on Ingram HP stock
products aged 45+ days
 Contact your Ingram Micro sales team for
discounts, or the weekly Velocity report
 Discounts are based on Ingram Inventory
 Stackable with SSR
 Stackable with CPE funds
 Project Big Deal
 50K minimum threshold
 Must order everything named on the Project
Deal Registration in the first wave
 Single Source Distributor
 HP Storage Federal VEP Promo
 3% incremental discount with VEP Band
Levels 1-6 for Federal End Customers
 Orders to be places by October 31st
 Stackable with Volume Big Deal
 Must write HP Storage Federal/VEP
Promo in the project name field on the
deal reg
 SLED VEP Promo
 Additional Discount for SLED End
Incremental 3% discount via the HP
Storage SLED VEP promo
VEP Band Levels 1-4 only
Valid through 10/31/2013
Must write HP Storage Public Sector/VEP
Promo in the project name field on the
deal reg
 Promo 3.932
 Eligible Products
 Incremental 4% discount, in
 B7E23A
 TA688BA
addition to VEP
 Add in the Project Description
Field: StoreVirtual Set for
Success Promo
 Valid through October 31, 2013
 B7E24A
 TA688BAE
 B7E25A
 TA688BB
 B7E26A
 TC402A
 B7E28A
 TC402AAE
 B7E16A
 TC403A
 B7E17A
 TC403AAE
 B7E18A
 TC404A
 B7E19A
 TC404AAE
 B7E20A
 Buy six qualifying MSA Hard Drives and receive a rebate up to $1,846
 Valid August 1 through October 31
 Cannot be combined with other special pricing from HP
Product No.
Product Description
AP860A (Qty 6)
HP P2000 600GB 6G SaS 15K 3.5in ENT HDD
AP860SB (Qty 6)*
HP P2000 600GB 6G SaS 15K 3.5in ENT HDD Smart Buy
AW555A (Qty 6)
HP P2000 2TB 6G SaS 7.2K 3.5in MDL HDD
$ 1,107.04
AW555SB (Qty 6)*
HP P2000 2TB 6G SaS 7.2K 3.5in MDL HDD Smart Buy
QK703A (Qty 6)
HP P2000 3TB 6G SAS 7.2K 3.5 in MDL HDD
$ 1,511.84
QK703SB (Qty 6)*
HP P2000 3TB 6G SAS 7.2K 3.5 in MDL HDD Smart Buy
$ 1,209.47
C8R26A (Qty 6)*
P2000 4TB 6G SAS 7.2K MDL HDD
$ 1,846.24
C8R26SB (Qty 6)*
P2000 4TB 6G SAS 7.2K MDL HDD Smart Buy
$ 1,476.64
C8S58A (Qty 6)
HP MSA 600GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in DP ENT HDD
$ 1,019.04
C8S58SB (Qty 6)*
HP MSA 600GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in DP ENT HDD Smart Buy
C8S59A (Qty 6)
HP MSA 900GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in DP ENT HDD
$ 1,494.24
C8S59SB (Qty 6)*
HP MSA 900GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in DP ENT HDD Smart Buy
$ 1,195.39
E2D55A (Qty 6)
HP MSA 300GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in DP ENT HDD
E2D55SB (Qty 6)*
HP MSA 300GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in DP ENT HDD Smart Buy
C8S61A (Qty 6)
HP 300 GB 6G 15K 2.5 inch SAS DP HDD
$ 1,142.24
 All HP 3PAR StoreServ Hardware and Software is now eligible for this
Trade-In Promo
 7% discount, in addition to VEP, for trading in older qualifying Storage Arrays
and purchasing new HP 3PAR StoreServ products
 7% discount, in addition to VEP, for trading in older qualifying FC Switches and
purchasing new HP Storage Switches together with new HP 3PAR product
 Eligible Product Lines for:
4A, 43, 4F, 3Z and 6W for 3PAR; 1Y for Networking Switches
Must be sold with a minimum 3year Proactive Care
 StoreOnce Deduplicate NOW! Promo Extended
Customers can get a Free StoreOnce 2620i Backup System with the purchase of a minimum of 200k list price in
Industry Standard Server (ISS) products!
 Promo Code 3.889
Promotion may be used together with VEP or VBD, but it is no longer required. This
promotion is capped at 25 total unites in HP’s Q4. Once that cap has been reached, the
promo will be expired
Limit of one unit per eligible customer
Customers must represent Net New StoreOnce customers and complete Customer
Evaluation Form
Eligible Product: BB852A HP StoreOnce 2620 iscsi backup
Must be purchased with 200K ISS Products
Includes product lines: MV (Blade Units and Options), SY (Systems Divisions), SI (Server Storage and
Infrastructure), and UZ (Converged Infrastructure Solutions).
 Please contact your Ingram Micro iCam for Customer Evaluation Form
 HP StoreOnce Attach NOW! Promo
Customers can get a Free StoreOnce 2620i Backup System with the purchase of an eligible HP 3PAR StoreServ
7000 solution of 100k or more!
 Promo Code 3.917 extended through October 31, 2013
 Promo discounts may be combined with VEP. Promo discounts cannot be
combined with Value or Volume Big Deal, or any other promos or offers, cannot
be combined with NBO or Target Benefits
 Process:
Reseller Partners must have an approved VEP registration for the 3PAR StoreServ product for each specific
customer opportunity in order to use this promotion. Reseller Partners may utilize VEP for the StoreOnce
product, although it is not required if the StoreOnce product is purchased separately.
Register your deal for VEP, and then contact Ingram Micro for a quote, referencing this promotion.
The promotional discount on the StoreOnce 2620i will be applied by Ingram Micro if the promotion criteria are met.
Partners must provide the customer with the below Customer Evaluation Form, and return the completed form
to Ryan Brooks at [email protected] prior to the StoreOnce 2620i order being placed. Following the process
outlined in the form is in your best interest to ensure a successful evaluation and follow-on sales opportunities!
 Please contact your Ingram Micro iCam for Customer Evaluation Form
VEP Incentive
 7% List on 3PAR StoreServ Hardware and Software
 3% List on 3PAR StoreServ Services (minimum of 3yr Proactive Care)
 Up to $225 per port for trading in older qualifying Switches and purchasing qualifying
new HP B-Series products
Approved VEP Deal registration
Add in the Project Description field “Using B-Series Trade-In Promo”
Contact [email protected] for submission form, and send back completed form to him
Ingram will apply the promo discount upon HP approval
Promo Running through HP’s Q4 – expires 08/31
Lauren Vilardo
Market Development Specialist
laure[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 65308
 Partner Portal Link
 www.hp.com/partners/us
 Deal Registration Link
 Deal Registration
 Partner Portal Phone #
David Moretta
Market Development Manager
[email protected]
(716) 602-4542
Dan Perry
Market Development Manager
[email protected]
(518) 817-3271
 Networking Technical
Resources Phone #
 1-800-445-5066, ext. 77472
Leadership from edge to the data center core
• Intelligent Management Center
• Operations Center
• Operations Automation
and Orchestration
• Network Node Manager
 Instant Rebates
Rebates on HP small and mid-market
solutions - HP 1810, 1910, 2620 Switch
Series. Rebates also on select HP
Networking Wireless solutions, & the
2910/2920 Switch Series, along with the
3100 SI & 3100 EI series.
New Business Opportunity: HP looks 12
months back, & the discount for HPN is an
additional 10%. NBO is stackable with Big
Deal & other discounts. It is reseller
initiated through the HP Partner Portal
Deal Registration tool, & discounting is
exclusive to one reseller per end user per
eligibility period.
 Public Sector
5% discount on most HP Networking
products in Product Lines 6H, I5, I7, 1U,
3P, 35 and 3W, for schools, libraries,
public hospitals, & more.
 HP Blue Carpet
Earn SPIFs ranging from $30 - $90
during Q4 with HP Networking. Eligible
sales of select 1810, 2530, 2910 & 2920
products will put money in your pocket!
 Catalyst for Change Competitive Trade-In
Upgrade your network to eligible HPN products and receive CASH BACK when you trade-in old equipment!
Tiered cash rebate structure – 5% to 20%, based on new hardware list price. No minimum deal size required.
Increase your rebate when you add eligible HP 3 year Care Packs at the same 5-20% cash rebate on the 3 year
Care Packs. Customer can assign rebate payment to partner; partner provides front end discount to customer.
 The Trade-In Process
Obtain a Non-Binding Trade-In Offer for either Canada or the U.S.
Receive the Offer immediately by email
If your HP Networking purchase is eligible for Big Deal, Contract, or other special pricing, your offer will be
amended and eligible for free shipping/recycling for the trade-in product(s) only.
Purchase your new HP Networking equipment
Using the link in your non-binding offer, return to our website and complete your claim request. You will
need your proof(s) of purchase, the pick-up address for your trade-ins, your payment information and a few
other details.
You will receive an email immediately to confirm the details of your claim
After your request is processed, you will be asked to confirm the pick-up details
Follow our shipping instructions & deliver your trade-in equipment to us
Receive your trade-in cash back!
 HP Networking Rapid Response Promotion
August 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013
Leverage HPN Rapid Response for 50 percent off U.S. list pricing, and provide your customers with winning options
for their networking needs.
Promotion to be used when another, competing partner has registered the deal, thus locking others out.
Discounting exclusive to qualifying partner ~ cannot be combined with any other HP pricing programs.
 HP Networking Q4 Dual Radio Instant Rebates
August 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013
Channel Partners are eligible for instant discounting of $450 or $660 when purchasing qty 6 of HP MSM460, 430, or
466 Dual Radio 802.11n AP (AM) units. Cannot be claimed in combination with any other negotiated discount or
special pricing.
 HP Wireless Controller and 7503 Chassis Switch Bundle
August 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013
Receive special pricing when purchasing the HP 10500/7500 Unified Wired-WLAN Module (JG639A) with both the
HP 7503 switch bundle (JG507A) and a 1400 watt power supply (JD218A).
 HP ESP SMS Upgrade Promotion(3.A002)
HP TippingPoint is pleased to offer a hardware upgrade program to customers who have existing
Security Management Systems (SMS) running on Dell 1850 & 1950 servers
Offers up to 56% discount to reseller
Customer must purchase the 1-year Premium Service Plan for the associated SMS product on the same
order to be eligible for the promotional discount. This Service Plan is not discountable.
Valid through 10/18/2013
 Ingram Micro/HP Resources
Evan Campbell
ESP Partner Portal Link
[email protected]
Extension 67201
TippingPoint TAC/Support
[email protected]
Evan Campbell
Market Development Specialist
[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 67201
 HP TippingPoint IPS Upgrade
Promotion (3.955)
Upgrade program for customers with
S2500N, S5100 and S6100N IPS
models to upgrade to the latest NX
Series NGIPS
 Offers up to 60% discount to reseller
 Return trade-in device to HP within 90
days of receiving new device
 Valid through 12/18/2013
 HP TippingPoint IPS Upgrade
Promotion (3.956)
Upgrade program for customers with A, C
and E-Series IPS models to upgrade to
the latest NGIPS models
 Offers up to 60% discount to reseller
 Customers will be credited for any
remaining term on their old IPS
 Valid through 10/18/2013
IPS Platform Solutions
Security Intelligence
20 Mbps • 2 Segments
3 Gbps • up to 24 Segments
20Gbps • 3x10GbE
Security Management System (SMS) /
110 / 330
Core Controller
100 / 300 Mbps • 4 Segments
5 Gbps • up to 24 Segments
Manage Multiple Units • Central Dashboard
660N / 1400N
SSL Appliance S 1500S
Digital Vaccine
Broadest Coverage • Evergreen Protection
Web App DV and Scanning
Web Scan• Custom Filters • PCI Report
Reputation DV
750 Mbps / 1.5 Gbps • 10 Segments
10 Gbps • up to 24 Segments
Transparent SSL Bridging and OffLoading
2500N / 5100N
Secure Virtualization Framework
IP Reputation • DNS Reputation
3 Gbps / 5 Gbps • 11 Segments
15 Gbps • up to 24 Segments
8 Gbps • 11 Segments
20 Gbps • up to 24 Segments
vController & vSMS
Real Time Threat Intelligence
Greg Held
Sr. Market Development Specialist
[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 66638
 Direct Phone Line
 HP Day 1 Contract
Brian Koch
Sr. Market Development
[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 66051
Ryan Swango
Vendor Business Manager
[email protected]
(716) 633-3600, ext. 22179
Extension 77636
[email protected]
 HP Care Packs
[email protected]
 Direct End-User/Partner Support
(800) 633-3600
 Partner Portal Link
 Care Pack Central
 HP Channel Services Network (CSN)
 Support Packages to Enable Success
HP Care Pack Services are support packages that expand and extend standard warranties for
HP hardware and software. HP Care Pack Services provide hardware and software support,
installation services, education services and premium support options to meet the needs of
business-critical IT environments.
Through HP Care Pack Services we get new systems and services up and running sooner.
We help IT professionals use hardware and software effectively. We provide proactive support
to help prevent system downtime. And when failures do occur, we provide the level of
response you need to meet the needs of your business—whenever and wherever you need it.
HP Care Pack Services make buying and renewing support easy and flexible. When you
purchase an HP product, from or from a reseller, it's easy to find the right support alternative.
Just pick the one that matches your needs: buy exactly the level of support you need—no
more, no less.
 Proactive Care Growth
 NEW! Educational Services - VMware
Accelerator Promotion
For the next two quarters partners eligible for TS growth
accelerator can receive an additional rebate for Product
Lines JN and 06. Partners selling Proactive Care will
receive a 1.5% additional rebate for PL06 and 2% for
Product Line JN. It goes back to $1. There is a PL goal
that the partners need to make to get the rebate. Partners
do not have to make their overall growth accelerator goal
to receive the rebate – May 1 to October 31, 2013
Purchase a seat in any US or Canada offered public, open
enrollment session of VMware vSphere 5.1 Install,
Configure Manage (H1L93S) and bring a colleague to the
same class – for FREE. Date: Purchase by 9/30/13; attend
by 10/31/2013.
 HP 3PAR MC Installed Base
 HP Proactive Care Upgrade
Promotion 3.933
vSphere 5.1 Install, Configure,
Manage (H1L93S) – Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Promotion Code: 2for1VM-ICM
new promotion lets your customers experience HP
Proactive Care while saving from 62% – 72% off the list
price, making the upgrade practically free. With this
impressive discount, most customers will be able to buy
Proactive Care at the price of break/fix on one of their
servers. They can then compare the level of support they
get with Proactive Care to the deliverable of basic
break/fix support. The discount applies to services
purchased for the popular ProLiant DL380E/P and
DL360E/P servers – April 1 to July 31, 2013
Promotion Contract # USIAT722
HP ASMP Channel Partner contractual customers with
installed 3PAR storage arrays who upgrade to Mission
Critical Services qualify for an additional 20% promotional
discount. To be eligible, 3PAR array customers must be
upgrading to Proactive 24 (P24), Critical Service (CS), or
Proactive Care with the Personalized Support Option.
Though eligibility is broad, the primary intent of the promotion
is to incent Mission Critical upgrade of currently sold 3PAR
Arrays converted from legacy 3PAR contracts or units sold
before the MC portfolio became available. Upgrades to
receive a 20% discount to a maximum cap of 47% on PL JN.
This discount can be combined with other discounts as long
as the maximum cap of 47% is not exceeded.
 Proactive Care and Insight Campaign
New campaign designed to drive demand to Proactive Care. Create awareness and excitement
about Proactive Care that brings together services for problem prevention, rapid problem
awareness and notification for an expedited resolution-all in one solution. The combination of
Proactive Care, Insight Online, and Insight Remote Support comprise the Proactive Insight
experience. This provides expert advice and personalized, automated IT support, helping to
prevent unplanned down time and solve problems quickly. providing more time to focus on
business. ServiceOne Expert partners can take advantage of $2500 in Marketing depots funds to
implement this campaign, (Telemarketing is optional).
 Technology Services Support Services Campaign
New campaign designed for partners to generate leads to drive increased renewal of expiring HP
Care Packs, Upsell of warranty and HP Care Packs, attach and penetration of services.
Especially good for uncovered boxes, expiring care packs or installed base customers with
uncovered business.
 ServiceOne Program Overview
HP PartnerOne is HP's umbrella partner program that spans all HP business units. HP
ServiceOne is a specialization within the HP PartnerOne program. The HP PartnerOne program
includes both Enterprise and Commercial business, which focus on market share specialization.
The program is designed to reward partners for improving their knowledge base, adding
capabilities, and growing their customer base.
The new ServiceOne specialization introduces many simplifications as well as areas of
important expansion.
HP ServiceOne is the first HP service partnership program that provides a single, comprehensive
relationship spanning the entire IT solution lifecycle. This means partners can sell and deliver
based on what their customers need.
ServiceOne program threshold requirements to become an Expert, Specialist or
Warranty Service Partner are listed below:
Proactive Problem Prevention
 Take the next step toward stability and increased focus on business
growth and innovation
As you move into converged, virtualized and cloud-based environments, you need a trusted partner
that can help you reduce complexity, keep your environment stable, support your environment in its
entirety, and guide you on your journey.
HP Proactive Care Service is a flexible, comprehensive, and cost effective service that combines smart
technology and support to boost performance. We work in partnership with you to provide proactive
consultation, recommendations and reporting from HP technology experts—as well as rapid expert
support if needed.
Proactive Care integrates both proactive and reactive hardware and software support elements so you
can get superior value out of your IT investments. Our support solution is structured on three guiding
principles for our service delivery:
 Proactive problem prevention
Save time, proactively address outages, and stabilize your IT environment with:
Proactive Problem Prevention
Firmware and Software patch analysis and recommendations
Proactive Scan
Trend and Incident analysis reporting
Once you’ve registered your HP Care Pack with HP, it’s easy to obtain
hardware support. Here’s how:
Visit the HP Customer Care website at http://www.hp.com/go/support. Available 24 hours a day, this site
provides convenient troubleshooting and moderated discussion forums.
If the problem cannot be resolved at the web site, call HP Support 1-800-633-3600. Service calls are
initially routed to HP's Customer Care Center. Please be ready to provide your product model number and
serial number.
The HP Care Pack representative will ask you for information that will help us accurately diagnose the
problem and fix it as quickly as possible. Customer will be required to run system self-test programs or to
correct reported faults upon telephone advice.
Based on this discussion, the HP Care Pack representative will help you fix the problem over the phone or
determine whether to ship a customer-replaceable part, arrange for an off-site repair or exchange, or
schedule an onsite repair or exchange. Onsite services are provided only if the fault or problem cannot be
corrected remotely. For onsite services, customer is responsible for providing access to products and for
ensuring that an adult representative is present while service is being performed.
 If your Care Pack came in a package, click here to
register online.
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Proactive Care Services
Foundation Care
Integrated Proactive & Reactive
Critical Service Care (DCC)
• Complete
Product Warranty
6 hr CTR
24 hr CTR
24x7 4 hr
13x5 4 hr
9x5 NBD
Updates &
Support 24x7
2 hr response
Three h/w
service levels
− 24 x 7
6-hour Call-toRepair
Triage software
Call Mgt with
SupportPlus /
13x5x4 hr on
13x5x2 SW
Support and
24x7x4 hr HW
24x7x2 SW
Support and
Proactive 24
Proactive Care (P24)
FW/SW Advice
− Qtrly
− Proactive Scan
− Platform Rev. Mgt.
Rapid access to
Solution Center
problems start to
case handling
with ISVs
3 levels of
reactive support
− 24x7
hr CTR
Dedicated 1-800
to the HP Global
Account Support Mission Critical
Solution Center
Manager (ASM)
• Immediate
System Patch
Dispatch of
Analysis and
Mission Critical
System Health
• Assigned
24x7x4 hr
Account Support
HW On-Site
24x7x2 hr
Firmware & SW
Analysis &
Support &
• 6 hr Call-to30 Proactive
Select Credits
• 24x7x2 hr
Per Year (Server) Software
Support &
• ITSM Quick
• 60 Proactive
Select Credits
Per Year
HP Proactive Select Service: Menu of Technical Services
Remote Support Tools - HP Support Center/Insight Remote Support
Lifecycle Event Services – Strategy, Planning, Deployment, Technical Services, and Education Services
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