Powerpoint - Guiding Light Christian Church

THE SON OF GOD (13:1 – 16:33)
ROOM (Jn 13:1 – 14:31)
5. The Promise of Residence (14:1-3)
6. The Way to the Father (14:4-6)
7. The Oneness with the Father
8. The Performance of Greater Works
9. The Sending of the Holy Spirit
10. The Pledge of Love (14:18-26)
a. Through the Promise of His
Indwelling (vv. 18-20)
b. Through the Obedience to His
Commandments (vv. 21-25)
1) The principle (v. 21)
2) The rationale (vv. 22-25)
1) The principle (v. 21)
 Read Jn 14:21a.
 Jesus here repeats the truth of Jn
~ The evidence for love for Jesus is in
having and obeying His commands.
~ To “have”: “to grasp with the mind”.
~ “Keeps”: “to keep an eye on, watch
and hence to guard, keep, obey”
~ It, therefore, speaks of obeying as
being consistent, a pattern of life.
~ To “have” His commands means to
be properly instructed in them; to
“keep” His commands is to mold
ourselves and our lives by their rule.
~ Love means more than words; it
requires commitment and action. If
we love Christ, then we must prove
it by obeying what He says in His
~ John Calvin: “There is nothing we
are more prone to than to slide into a
sinful attitude and to love something
other than Christ under the name of
 What is the connection between the
Holy Spirit and keeping His
~ Apart from the Holy Spirit, no
keeping of Christ’s
commandments is possible.
 Read Jn 14:21b.
 Note here the predominance of the
future tense.
~ What about 1Jn 4:19?
~ The initiative in the relationship
between Christ and His followers
finally lies with Him (cf. Jn 6:70;
15:16) or with His Father (cf. Jn 6:37,
44; 10:29).
~ But on the other hand, isn’t it possible
for God’s love to both precede and
follow ours?
~ First, by loving us first, His love
creates in us the eager desire to
keep Christ’s commandments;
then, by loving us after, His love
rewards us for keeping them!
 “… and will disclose Myself to him.”
~ To all those who love and obey Him,
He reveals Himself as an invisible,
spiritual presence.
 An Application
~ In personal experience, most
Christians admit to wishing God
would reveal Himself, His will more
~ Jesus listed obedience before
~ “Obey what you know and you will
know more.”
~ When we feel confused or lack
answers, we should ask how we can
follow through on directions He has
previously given.

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