Oxymat at a Glance

Oxymat Medical Oxygen
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Oxymat at a Glance
Oxymat is a Danish based company specialized in designing and
Our team of more than 60
manufacturing on-site Oxygen and Nitrogen solutions, using Pressure
Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology.
skilled and dedicated
employees, based in 3
We have been designing, engineering and manufacturing Oxygen
generator systems since 1978 and nitrogen systems since 2001. We
different locations:
possess first hand knowledge of the market, developments demands
• Denmark: Administration,
and possibilities the PSA technology holds.
and Sales
It is our mission to be your preferred innovative, dynamic and
• Slovakia: Administration,
environmentally responsible supplier of on-site oxygen an nitrogen
production, Project
solutions worldwide.
management and Sales
• China: Administration and
With more than 20 engineers (project managers, 3D CAD designers,
automation engineers and experienced sales engineers) making sure
we offer the right solution for any demand.
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Medical PSA Systems
Design Purity is 95 % +/- 1%
Outlet pressure from PSA
unit is up to 6 bar(g)
All systems can be expanded
with cylinder filling options
Connectable with hospital
piping system
Comply to European
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Technology / Process description
increases air to
required level.
Dryer removes
moisture from air
(air humidity) by
Coal tower
adsorbs fractional
impurities (oil).
Air tank
of air for PSA
Zeolite with it‘s
beds traps N2
molecules and
allows O2
molecules to
stream through.
High purity O2
flows from PSA
generator to
product tank
and is ready for
Additional Air Filtration
In case an oil screw
compressor is used, air
supply must be
supplemented with “coal
Coal tower – activated
carbon filter
• To remove the oil
carry over from
• Has an oil indicator
and is followed by
dust filter for particle
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Product Filtration
Product gas from buffer
tank is filtered by the
following filters before it is
delivered to point of use:
Bacterial sterile filter
Active coal filter
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Options: Add Oxygen Filling Station
Oxygen filling station (OFS)
fills cylinders with oxygen
under 150 to 300 bar
The unit can be placed outside
the hospital. Oxygen cylinders
filled here can then be deliver to
a hospital or a number of
 Include OFS to your unit and
fills your own cylinders in the
time of low consumption; then
use the cylinders as a backup or
during peak consumption
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Flexible Container Solution
Suitable for Harsh
Plug and Play
Easy to transport
Containerized oxygen system
- flow 15 Nm3/h
Oxygen System in container frame
- flow 320 Sm3/h
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
O2 Containers for Field Hospitals
Oxymat has delivered
containerized solutions for
disaster medicine for :
French Army (7 units)
Dutch Army (5 units)
US Army (2 units)
Greek Army
Turkish Army
Rumanian Army
Danish Army
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Plug and Play
All on steel plate includes:
piping, hoses, brackets,
electricity and drain
Plug and Play
Easy to transport
Skid mounted oxygen system
- flow 3,2 Nm3/h = 12 cylinders/ [email protected]
150 bar
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Our oxygen generators are CE
medical certified and
produced in accordance with:
Medical Devices Directive
Pressure Equipment Directive
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 13485:2003
ISO 10083
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Reference Map
Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA Generators
Oxymat A/S
Fasanvej 18-20
DK-3200 Helsinge

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