Controlling Water Pollution: A Mock Town Meeting

• Recognize potential hazards to a community's
water supply and weighing the risks and
benefits of community
• Practice decision-making skills in a mock town
• The water in your town has become polluted
and is only getting worse.
• The city council has appointed you to be on a
committee to address and fix this issue.
• You have many power plants in the area,
people are overusing water, and many other
polluting sources.
• Your task:
– Describe how pollution is entering into the water
from point-sources and nonpoint-sources
– What will happen if it is not taken care off
– Things that need to be done to stop and correct
this (be creative with this, do not just provide
answers that are directly listed in the book)
Names of group members:
How is pollution entering
into the water from pointsources and nonpointsources?
What will happen if it is
not taken care off?
What should be done?
Let’s go over
• Independent Work
– Read over all of chapter
– Start studying for the
test…details will be given
on Wednesday
• Homework
– Section 11.3 HW
– Due tomorrow, January
24th at 8PM

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