Parent Aware Application Guidance

What is Parent Aware?
Voluntary rating tool
Helps parents choose
Helps providers grow &
demonstrate quality
Why is this program needed?
• 96 percent of Minnesotans
believe “parents should
have access to the best
available information to
help them find quality
places to prepare children
for kindergarten
According to a recent poll
Why is this program needed?
Children in rated
programs make
strong gains
Why is this program needed?
92 percent of
providers/ early
educators participating
in Parent Aware pilot
found it beneficial
Why is this program needed?
• Parent Aware has
changed Minnesota child
care and early education
for the better
Race to the Top
• “More low-income families across the state will
have access to high-quality child care and
preschool programs. That's because Minnesota
was one of nine states to win federal dollars for
early learning programs.”
—St. Paul Pioneer Press
• "Nine states will lead the way in transforming
early learning programs and services from a
patchwork of disconnected programs with
uneven quality into integrated systems that truly
and consistently prepare children for success in
school and life.”
—U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan
Quality Indicators make up the ratings
Measures the best
which are most
of school readiness:
Teaching and
Assessment of
child progress
Teacher training
and education
Physical health
and well-being
What will the rating tell parents?
4 stars means program is achieving most to all best
practices for preparing children for school.
Getting started: 3 pathways to rating
Building Quality
Parent Aware
Accelerated Path
The program includes marketing support
Such as
• Marketing kit
• Banners
• Website
When will Parent Aware Ratings be
available in my community?
Head Start and School
Readiness Programs
Statewide in 2012
Child Care
St. Paul
Wayzata school district
Counties of Becker,
Blue Earth, Clearwater, Hennepin,
Itasca, Mahnomen, Nicollet and
Ramsey counties
Statewide by 2015
I’ve heard about scholarships for children.
Will my program be able to have access to
• Early Childhood Scholarships will be made available to
families in some communities through state funds and the
Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant.
• Scholarships must be used in a 3 or 4-star Parent Aware
rated program. A family may choose to use their scholarship
at your program if your program has a 3 or 4- star rating.
• Scholarships are limited in number and may not be available
in every community.
Parent Aware Accelerated Path to Ratings
• The Accelerated Path to a 4 Star rating
application can be found on pages 12 and 13 of
the 2012 School Readiness Program Plan.
• Participating in Parent Aware is optional.
• To receive a 4 Star rating, you will need to show:
1. That you are using a curriculum aligned with the
2. That you are using a Parent Aware approved
3. That your lead teachers have received 8 hours of
training in curriculum and 8 hours in assessment.
Parent Aware Application Guidance
• This section is similar to the Cover Sheet of the
program plan. List each site where you offer
classes or programming. If you have more than 10
sites, you can add more by hitting the “enter” key.
Parent Aware Application Guidance
Creative Curriculum is an example
If you are not using a
curriculum that has
already been shown to
be aligned with the
ECIPs, complete this
Note: To be eligible for a
Parent Aware 4 Star
rating, you must be using
an approved assessment
If you checked NO
here, you are required
to complete these two
narrative questions
Teaching Strategies GOLD is an example of an approved assessment
Parent Aware Application Guidance
The last piece of evidence required for a 4 Star rating is staff
development. Your lead teachers need to have completed eight hours of
training in curriculum and eight hours of training in assessment. If your
teachers have completed this training, list their names and the names of
the trainings.
You will need to provide documentation of completion of the trainings.
This documentation can be similar to what a teacher has to submit to the
district relicensure committee. If your program maintains a detailed staff
development log, this would also be acceptable.
Parent Aware Application Guidance
If you are using a curriculum that has already demonstrated alignment and
an approved curriculum, submit a copy of their copyright pages.
Also submit copies of your staff training documents.
This application should be signed by the School Readiness coordinator
and the SR supervisor (e.g. Community Ed director). One signature is
sufficient if the coordinator and supervisor are the same person. Mail in
application and supporting documents (address is below in notes).
To be eligible for
the accelerated
path, your program
must be required to
follow School
Readiness Program
Mike Brown
For More Information:
EC Admin Wiki – PA Page
[email protected]

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