Fluoridation Levels in the Public Water Supply in Duluth, MN

 Well in Bauxite, Arkansas
 Fluoride in Duluth, MN-1.2ppm
Cost effective
 Easy to distribute regardless of social or
economic status
 Tooth Decay has decreased
negative effects from long term exposure
 Too difficult to generalize fluoride
 Fluoride is abundant in Food, drinks, and
dental hygiene products
Fluoride concentration could be lowered
to .6ppm
› Lower limit before prescribed fluoride tablets
New data on long term effects
 Fluoride is available in other sources
 Fluoride has reduced tooth decay
 Cost effective
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Overall Comments: Overall, a convincing & clearly
organized job that demonstrates again how the best
college research work is recursive, going back over its
material again & again. You’ve already seen your
response report, & you know how highly they thought
of it. I agree by & large, though you mediation was
awfully dependent on what you had to say, alone;
the text there is general business anyone with a
rudimentary grasp of the subject could come up.
Likewise, earlier, you needed more data, more
citation, in the slides themselves. Still, you got across a
lot of information in a largely visual medium, & made
it vivid. A-
Lauren Hibbert
Celsey Moody
Josh Curtis-Beard
Prof. John Domini, English 250, 4/13/13
Fluoridation Mediation Response
The mediation presentation assigned to this group focused on fluoridation. In
my opinion, “the visuals used contrasted well with the background color”
(Hibbert). The background color was green and pictures were basically
nature scenes. I found it interesting that “the text on the sides was in
horizontal lines and some pictures had vertical images. there was definitely
design balance”(Hibbert). The text included good short points, although a
few slides were a little long. The “text stood out nicely, but titles could have
been a different color”(Moody).
Her voice sounded enthusiastic and upbeat, like she was genuinely
interested in her topic. She did a “great job not reading right off of the
PowerPoint slides, but she could try not saying umm so much” (Moody).
When it comes to statistics, we learned long term effects of consuming to
much fluoride and what it does to your teeth. Fluoride can “cause tooth
decay, change in tooth color and is cost effective” (Josh).
For logic, it was said that “tooth decay decreased and fluoride can be
lowered to 0.6ppm”(Josh). Fluoridation was not defined in the presentation,
though it may be something previously known by the audience. Overall the
presentation was put together well and nicely done.
Insightful and comprehensive: Plusses.

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