WI Teacher Licensing

#1 – Create a WAMS
(Wisconsin Access Management
System) Account (can be
done at any time).
Important general instructions:
•Guide to creating a WAMS ID:
•It is recommended that applicants use
a personal email address( NOT UWEC!) when creating
an ELO account. This email address must be available
and accessible by the applicants as it will be the
primary communication method from the licensing
•Please follow the instructions on the screen when
setting up a WAMS account. There are links to WAMS
Help page, WAMS FAQ page, for assistance in setting
up WAMS account, and you may send an email to Help
Wisconsin Support. You will then receive a email at
the address you have provided. This email must be
validated within three 3 days or it will kick you out of
the system and you will have to start over!
Guide to WI DPI Electronic Licensing Online (ELO)
Steps Cont’d:
#2 – Complete all program
requirements (including all testing),
complete student teaching. Just because you
“walk” at graduation, does NOT mean you
graduated! Until your degree has been
awarded, you are not a UWEC graduate.
Wait for email from Certification Office
regarding accessing ELO and applying for
Guide to WI DPI Electronic Licensing Online (ELO)
Steps Cont’d:
#3 – Access ELO; Apply
for license. If you have a question
about applying, save where you
are at in the application and
contact the Certification Office.
ELO works best when used with Windows
7 or 8 on a desktop or laptop and one of the
following browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox
22, or Chrome 28 (or a higher version of any of
these browsers).
The ELO system is not compatible with the
Safari Browser (MacOS or Windows) or tablets
(including iPads). Using ELO on Macintosh OS
X or on mobile devices may result in unexpected
Here is where you will go to log in using
the information furnish!
These arrows will
NOT show up on
the actual screen
Quick Start Menu
NOTE, choosing the CORRECT application is critical. The 1020
application is ONLY for WI Educator Preparation Program (EPP)
completers who will receive an Initial Educator License.
Teacher: Request Initial Educator 5 year – In-State WI Program
[1020] – Introduction
The most common applicants are college graduates seeking to become
teachers for the first time.
Follow these general directions when applying for your initial license:
You must have completed an approved program at a WI
college/university that prepare teachers for the WI teaching license you are
Carefully and honestly complete this license application form
Carefully and thoroughly complete the Conduct and
Competency form, including all necessary supporting documentation.
Fee payment is required. The application fee covers the cost of
application review and processing. No refund will be made regardless of whether
or not a license is issued.
Address Number
Contact Information:
Enter information using the
most current information
and where DPI can contact
you if needed.
Primary Email: NOT UWEC
Here you will
regarding your
program here
at UWEC!
VERY IMPORTANT PAGE!!! If things do not look right to
you, contact our office ASAP! If there is nothing there, you will
not be able to continue. Again, contact our office ASAP!
Consideration is given to requests based on program completion date or to ensure proper
licensing for employment.
The default start day is July 1 of the year once license
Application is submitted for
May and June Program completers.
Would you like the default start date for
Your license?
Requests for an alternate start date will be
Reviewed on an individual basis.
Alternate start date requested: _________________________
Check the default date. Yours should be January, 2015.
SPED Majors and Minors;
Elementary Education; Early
Childhood students check this
box. You are phonics trained.
The same group will also check
the box for completion of the W
Foundations of Reading Test
(FORT), if you have a score of 24
or higher!
Regarding phonics:
It is the teaching of reading using the phonic value or letters, letter
groups and syllables. Licensure in early childhood education,
elementary education, special education, reading teacher and
reading specialist require completion of training in the teaching or
reading that includes phonics. This requirement could have been
fulfilled as part of a university course, or through a conference,
seminar or workshop.
Regarding the WI Foundations of Reading Test:
Applications for licensure in early childhood education, elementary
education, special education (including minors), reading teacher
and reading specialist MUST successfully complete, with a passing
score of 240, this test if they apply for their license on or after
January 31, 2014. Your name will NOT be submitted to WI DPI until
ALL program criteria are met. This includes ALL testing!
No work history!
You do not need to attach transcripts, test results,
Please review each section of your primary
application for completeness and accuracy: Use the
“Edit” button per section to modify the data if necessary.
You will allowed to save your changes and proceed to the
Summary page again.
Once you agree this represents the most truthful
responses to all required components, you may continue
to the Conduct and Competency Questionnaire and
Payment process within the Payment and Additional
Activities section on the Quick Start Menu.
Note – only applications with full payment will be
reviewed by the WI DPI.
Online Application Payment
Select the applications and/or miscellaneous charges you
wish to pay for and press “next “ to continue
Press “Show Fee Details” to show a breakdown of the fee amounts
Press “Main Menu” to return to the main menu.
Confirm Payment Details
To complete your application you must complete the
Conduct and Competency Questionnaire. This is where you would
upload into the system any court papers regarding any court case(s)
that may be relative. After you have completed the questions, you
must submit payment. It must be paid in full and by Credit Card.
Conduct and Competency Questionnaire – Overview
The questions contained in the Conduct and Competency review
have been developed to alert the department to cases that may warrant
further examination/considerations before issuing a license. While most
educators do not pose a danger to the health, welfare, safety or the education
of pupils, there are exceptions. In order to protect pupils our law requires the
department to investigate the background of each applicant for a Wisconsin
educator license, each time an application is submitted.
The Conduct and Competency questionnaire is a screening took that is part of
the mandatory background process. Your full cooperation is necessary and
this process in one session. Your application is only complete once the Conduct
and Competency Questionnaire is submitted and payment has been made in
Press “Previous” to return to the previous section; Press Next to continue
answering questions; Press Cancel to cancel this page and return to the online
payment section page.
Electronic Fingerprints
Do I need fingerprints?! If you have gone to school
or lived outside of WI, for anything other than class
credit for an experience, you will need fingerprints.
If you have been in the Military, you will need
fingerprints. If you spent a semester with
Educator’s abroad, you will need fingerprints.
If you have lived in WI your whole life
except when you went to Scotland for
example, for the Special Education
experience, you do NOT need fingerprints.
That experience was a short time, and it
was directly for UWEC program credit.
See information in FieldPrint handout!
Conduct and Competency Questions Attestation
Read, and Complete the C&C attestation statement;
I Affirm that all responses to the C&C questions and all additional
information in this license application and the accompanying
documentation are true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that
any false statements or assertions I make on this document may result in
denial, revocation or suspension of my license.
I HEREBY AUTHORIZE any of my current or previous employers, law
enforcement agencies and the courts to release to the WI DPI information
that pertains to my responses to questions on this form.
I UNDERSTAND that if I restrict, prevent or otherwise limit the release to
the DPI of the aforementioned information, my application for licensure
may be deemed, “incomplete”. An incomplete application for licensure
may result in denial of my license request.
**Collection of social security number is a requirement of Statute
Please type your full legal name to serve as your electronic signature.
After completion of Conduct and Competency – Continue to
Make Payment:
Press “Make Payment” to input payment information for the State of
WI e-Payment Services. Remember it must be with a credit card or prepaid credit card.
Press “Cancel” to cancel this page and return to the online payment
selection page.
Tips for Applicants
• Use legal name during the application process
• Be prepared BEFORE you login …
– Prepare any required documents and SCAN them so they
can be attached during the application process. For instate applicants, this would really only apply if there is
some type of misconduct that needs to be reported. If
so, you will need to include a written explanation and
court documents (when applicable).
– Have your credit card ready
If after reviewing this presentation you have any
questions, please contact our office. Terry Ebert
at [email protected] (715) 836-5984, or Debra
Harding at [email protected] (715) 836-5544,
or visit me, 3rd floor in CEN 3106.
Thank you for your attention. Questions?
Terry Ebert, Assistant Certification Officer
Field Experience, Licensing & Certification Office
You only have 60 days to
complete the application process. If
there is an issue with your degree or
transcripts, you will be booted from
the system and will be required to pay
for the license again.
Teacher Candidates will apply for their license
online at
When you apply there will be a checklist of
information you will need to furnish to MDE for
the license. Number 5 on the checklist is a form
called Program Verification. It says to “download
this form”. Please download it and email it to me
at [email protected] . I will complete this form,
obtain your official transcripts (when they are
official), and will write a memo furnishing your
Praxis I (PPST) scores to them.
If you are applying for both MN and WI licensure, and are
required to submit fingerprints for MN, you cannot use
electronic fingerprints done in WI.
You will have to either get a fingerprint card from the stand
outside the Dean’s Office (CoEHS) 3015, or from my office
CEN 3106.
When I have completed the verification form and memo,
and have received your official transcripts, I will mail
everything to you and you will put everything together and
send in.
MN has different testing currently, instead of the Praxis II.
The tests are called MTLE (Minnesota Teacher Licensure
Examinations). If your PPST scores are high enough: Math –
171 or above; Reading – 173 or above and Writing – 172 or
above, MN will waive the MTLE basics and you will not have
to take them. You will however still need to take the
General Pedagogy (two subtests) and a test of content
knowledge which can be two or three subtests.
We have been working with MDE to get their approval
of our Reading and Assessment courses so UWEC
student will NOT have to take any courses for their MN
If you are an Elementary Education Major, Early
Childhood Education Major or SPED minor, you should
send in syllabi with your application for any of these
courses if you took them: ES 301 or SPED 431 or ES 305
and ES 335.
If you are LD/MCEA or EBD/MCEA, you should send in
syllabi for ES 335 and SPED 431 or ES 305 or SPED
If you are CD/LD you will need to send in ES 335; ES 301
or SPED 301 or SPED 431 or SPED 404/335.
If you have any questions regarding what to send in,
please contact me!

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