- National Electrical Contractors Association

Presented By: Mike Stotz
President, AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation
January 31, 2013
Union Sponsored
($480 billion)
Public Employees
($2.8 Trillion)
($750 billion)
Only 0.2% invested with AFL-CIO
Investment Programs
($10 Billion out of $4 Trillion)
AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
◦ Created 1964
◦ $4.6 billion in net assets as of December 2012
AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust
◦ Created 1988
◦ $3.1 billion in gross assets as of
December 2012
AFL-CIO Equity Index Fund
◦ Created 2011
◦ $2.9 billion committed as of January 2013
A Strong Partnership
A Shared History
BIT projects have
• Thousands of IBEW
construction jobs
• Servicing contracts with
IBEW locals on 60 current
Electrical Workers (IBEW): National Electrical Annuity Plan - Washington, DC
NECA-IBEW Pension Trust Fund - Decatur, IL
Pension Hospitalization Benefit Plan of the Electrical Industry Pension Trust Fund – Flushing, NY
Electrical Workers Pension Fund, Local 103, IBEW - Boston, MA
Southern Electrical Retirement Fund - Goodlettsville, TN
Eighth District Electrical Pension Fund - Aurora, CO
IBEW #481 Money Purchase Pension Plan & Trust - Indianapolis, IN
Electrical Workers Local No. 292 Annuity Plan - Minneapolis, MN
Electrical Workers Local No. 26 Pension Trust Fund - Washington, DC
IBEW Local Union 1579 Pension Plan - Augusta, GA
Local No. 1, IBEW, Pension Benefit Trust Fund - St. Louis, MO
NECA-IBEW Local 176 Pension Fund - Joliet, IL
IBEW Local No. 38 Pension Fund - Cleveland, OH
IBEW Local Union No. 99 Annuity Plan - Cranston, RI
IBEW Local Union No. 212 Pension Fund - Cincinnati, OH
Electrical Workers Local No. 292 Pension Plan - Minneapolis, MN
Electrical Construction Industry Pension Plan - Milwaukee, WI
IBEW Local 131 Pension Plan - Kalamazoo, MI
NECA-IBEW Local 364 Defined Contribution Pension Fund - Rockford, IL
IBEW Local Union No. 99 Retirement Plan - Cranston, RI
IBEW Local 43 and Electrical Contractors Pension Fund - Syracuse, NY
Maryland Electrical Industry Pension Fund - Baltimore, MD
IBEW Local Union #226 Open End Pension Trust Fund - Topeka, KS
Electricians' Salary Deferral Plan - St. Louis, MO
IBEW Local 117 Pension Fund - Crystal Lake, IL
Cascade Pension Trust Fund - Portland, OR
IBEW Local 1922 Pension Fund - Westbury, NY
IBEW Local Union No. 915 Pension-Annuity Fund - Tampa, FL
$5 billion in assets
91 Participating Plans
Launched March 3,2011
$2.9 Billion in assets
Responsible Proxy Voting
Trustee: Chevy Chase
Trust Manager : ASB Capital Management LLC
“The BIT’s Labor policies are the same as those
contained in our NEBF Real Estate Program and are
unmatched in the commercial real estate industry. I
have spoken to numerous electrical workers who are
employed at BIT projects and they cannot express how
much these jobs are helping
them pay their bills and
provide for their families.”
(pictured right with Investment Trust Corporation associates)
Take Ownership of Your Money
Invest Union
Mike Stotz
AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation
815 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 320
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-898-9190
Fax: 202-898-9194
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