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IT is it!
Overview of IT Exploration Curriculum
Cindy Drahos (High School Teacher, Burnsville High School)
Firasat Khan (Director of Academic and Technology Programs)
Russell Fraenkel (Director of Collaborative Programs and Outreach)
Course Delivery and Support
How to get started in your school
Related Resources
Overview of IT Exploration
 What is IT Exploration about?
 Who is the intended audience?
 Why does IT Exploration matter to students,
parents, school staff?
 How does it fit into existing programs and
 How does it align to IC3 certifications and
MnSCU college credit?
IT Exploration Curriculum
 Five modules
(with hot links to many resources)
Office Productivity Skills – aligning w/IC3
Systems Administration/Networking
Software Development
Middle and High School (3 tiers of content)
Embedded into existing school courses
Stand-alone course (college credit options)
IT Exploration Teacher Portal
Course Delivery & Support
 What teacher skills are needed to deliver it?
 Teachers who embrace technology education
and are willing to learn
 Materials are designed for self-guided learning
 The Teacher Portal connects you to your peers
for support and delivery ideas
 Teacher Training
 8 hour in-person training is offered free of cost
by Advance IT Minnesota
Course Delivery & Support
Enhance delivery through college
 Collaborate with local MnSCU institution
 Field trips to college, with lab experience
 Invite college faculty as guest presenters
 Co-teach the course with college faculty
 Create local college credit granting opportunity
 Possibly use Perkins Career and Technical
Education funding to support partnership
How to get started…
Simple and easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Contact Russ Fraenkel at Advance IT Minnesota
to discuss your interests, and training options
(Next Training will be Thurs. Dec. 4, 2014 – 9am-5pm,
or as determined by local demand)
2. Execute IT Exploration Curriculum Use
 Controlled dissemination of materials
 Satisfaction survey of teachers and students
3. Download materials, host on school online
platform (e.g. Moodle), or on shared network,
and deliver!
Related Resources
 The IT Exploration Course helps students
get hands-on practice in various IT and
computing careers
 Additional skill building and career
awareness opportunities are available:
 Tech IT Out! MN
 IT Discovery Network (Aspirations Award for HS Girls)
 MN IT Careers
Tech IT Out! MN
Tech IT Out! MN
 45 to 75 minute interactive
presentation delivered by
youthful, passionate IT
 Post-presentation
engagement occurs at
IT Discovery Network
 Designed for students, parents and educators
 Access to technology skill development
opportunities available in the Metro area
 Online resources
MN IT Careers
MN IT Careers
 An iSEEK Solutions website
co-developed with Advance
IT Minnesota
 Provides profiles of IT
careers, allowing students
to find out how their
interests match IT career
 Filled with useful
information and links to
valuable resources.
 It’s a must-visit resource for
students, educators and
Are you ready to DO IT?

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