ramp-up to readiness/act college admissions power point

College Admissions
Mission Statement
"To ensure that all students
graduate with the skills necessary
to attend a college, university,
technical college, or training
program — and succeed."
Minnesota State Mandated Testing
• Minnesota Legislation
The state legislature has adopted the Common Core State
Standards and established a new state testing program
beginning with the 2014-15 school year
– ACT Explore Grade 8
 Tests given November 3 - 21
– ACT PLAN Grade 10
 Tests given November 3 – 21
Mandated Testing Continued
 Minnesota now requires all 11th graders to take
the ACT to graduate
 Intended to measure a student’s college and
career readiness
 You do not have to pay for this administration
 The state ACT testing date is Tuesday, April 28,
ACT Test Dates
National Test Dates in Black
• October 25, 2014
• December 13, 2014
• February 7, 2015
• April 18, 2015
• April 28, 2015 – All 11 grade students in Minnesota take
• June 13, 2015
Forest Lake is a testing
center for all dates.
ACT Test Registration
• www.actstudent.org
• Register at least 6 weeks in advance of the
test date
• Plan at least an hour to sign up
-Interest survey
-Upload photo
-Select testing center
• Note: You only have to register and pay for any
national testing your child wishes to take
What’s the Big Deal?
The ACT is not just an achievement test. It is a
competition for scholarship dollars and college
•College selection: Check with admissions offices
for the average score needed for entrance.
•Scholarships: A score of 28 is a huge benchmark
for significant scholarship money for many
universities. For some private schools, a 30–31 is
the benchmark.
High School Prepatory Courses
• College Prep Composition
• Literature course
• Math through Pre-Calculus, including Trig
• Science courses (need to be able to analyze
charts, tables, & other data)
How to prepare for the ACT
• Community Education Sponsored Test Prep
(651) 982-8110 or (651) 982-8120
– Doorway to College ZAPPING the ACT
$89 (9am–3pm one day) October 4th or March 28th (Saturdays)
– PrepStar Premium June 8-11th
$329 (four 6.5 hour sessions)
– PrepStar Blast Jan 20, April 1st (No School Mondays)
$89 (one 6.5 hour session)
• ACT website practice exams
• Naviance Method Test Prep
• Take rigor in class choices
PrepStar Premium ($329) offers:
2 Point Guarantee
•24 hours of classroom prep
•Extensive content review (each subject area)
•Effective testing strategies
•Ti84 calculator programs (students ADORE these!)
•Math & science specialists
•PrepStar Blast ($89) offers:
•6 hours of prep
•Overview of ACT test format and testing strategies
•Take home ACT test with online scoring
•PrepStar Plus ($139) offers:
•One on One tutoring for three hours
•For students that have already participated in a PrepStar course and want to work on
specific areas
Zapping the ACT
The ZAPPING the ACT program offers:
•Focused – a focus on test-taking strategies
•Effective – score increases from 2 – 4 points
•Engaging – kids are actively involved and taught by
experienced presenters that make this class fun.
•Time sensitive – only five hours, one Saturday; your child
is busy!
•Materials – a backpack-friendly student workbook and four
subject-area Workout booklets with 24 shortened practice tests
•Affordable – only $89.99 including materials
Method Test Prep
• Offered through student’s Naviance Account
• Provides practice exams, sample questions,
weekly skill development activities, and
explains certain concepts.
• Free
Method Test Prep
Student should access the high school website and click on the Naviance tab on
the homepage
Naviance login for students is the same as what student use to login on school
Once in Naviance, students should be on the “Family Connections” home page.
Click on the link “Method Test Prep” on the left side of the screen
Students should “Signup” for Method Test Prep by creating a user name and
password. Students will then be able to access a variety of ACT/SAT test prep
as well as various activities for skill development
After an account is made and student is logged into Method Test Prep, students
can click on the “ACT” tab and see a variety of activities including weekly
activities, evaluation tests, lessons and quizzes on content, practice questions,
and practice exams
Is retaking the ACT worth it?
Students who take the exam a 2nd time
•57% of students increase their composite score
– Typical increase was 1–2 points
•21% had no change
•22% decreased
Students who take the exam a 3rd time
•Only 10% improve their score!
•Things to consider: College entrance requirements,

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