GSP Power Point Information

2014 - 2015
What is GSP?
 The Governor’s Scholar Program is a five-week
uninterrupted residential summer program that takes place
on a KY College campus
 The Governor''s Scholars Program seeks to help exceptional
students: achieve their academic and personal potential;
cultivate their leadership capabilities; expand their
horizons; and develop the students'' flexibility, creativity
and critical thinking. The Program seeks to do this while
heightening the students'' sensitivity to future possibilities
for themselves, Kentucky, and society. It strives to
stimulate, encourage, and reward excellence in Kentucky
schools. Governors Scholars are considered the best and
the brightest students from the state!
Why Should I Apply to GSP?
 Gov. Scholars are awarded SCHOLARSHIPS!!!
 Visit
Process/Scholarships.aspx to view a sample of the
scholarships that are offered to GSP participants.
 Opportunity to meet new people, experience college
living, and create lasting bonds.
 Chance to extend future possibilities of yourself.
Who Can Apply?
If you are an 11th grader
 Intend on returning to a KY school next year
(not graduating early)
 Have taken the ACT, PSAT, or SAT in the 9th,
10th or 11th grades. OR signed up to take the Oct.
You are eligible to apply to GSP.
The Application
 Located on the GSP website
 AND the Counseling Office Webpage- under Juniors
 Requires one essay
 Requires at least 1 Teacher Recommendation Form that
must be completed by a CORE subject teacher.
 Requires at least 1 Community Leader Rec. Form that is
in NO way associated with the school.
 Can only be filled out online
 Must be typed entirely
Submitting Your Application
Application can only be submitted to
Mrs. Bruce
Recommendation Forms
 Decide which teacher you want to complete your
Give your Teacher Rec Form to the selected teachers ASAP
A two week notice for completing the form is needed, so do
not wait on this part.
Teacher Rec Forms are submitted to Mrs. Bruce, not
Community Rec. Form can not be completed by anyone
associated with the school at all- not even a club or team.
It is the student’s responsibility to deliver the Community
Rec. Form to Mrs. Bruce with the rest of their application.
Help for Completing Application
The Detailed Application Session –
October 13th @ 3:30-4:30, Cafeteria
TCHS Help Session from our Faculty and Past ScholarsNovember- time and date TBD
Bring a completed draft to help sessions- cant help without it!!
GSP Representatives Help SessionNov. 15th @ Transy- Time TBD
 “Helpful Hints” –on GSP website & Counseling Office site. This is a step
by step guide and examples of what they are looking for on apps.
 Counseling website- GSP page under students- juniors
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What kind of test scores and GPA do I need?
A. Your application is scored as an over-all. A certain
amount of points is awarded for each score and GPA.
There are several pieces of info that are used, that are
all important. Our best advice is to take your time on
every part of the application, do your best on the
essays, and choose teachers who know you well.
Q. Will I be able to choose what focus area I take at GSP.
A. Yes. You will list your options on the application in
rank order.
Additional Questions??
If you have more questions or need help with the
application, there are several people who can help you.
Mrs. Bruce
Mrs. Schlich
Your Counselor
Your English Teacher
And Last Year’s Governor’s Scholars
This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity!
Hear it from all 24 of our 2014-15 Scholars….

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