KY e-Archive: Accession metadata

KY e-Archive: Accession metadata
Mark J. Myers
Electronic Records Archivist, KY Dept for Libraries and
Archives (2001-May, 2014)
Electronic Records Specialist, TX State Library and
Archive Commission (June, 2014 – Present)
KDLA e-Archives:
KDLA Electronic Collections
 Publications,
 Minutes,
 Geospatial datasets (maps, shapefiles),
 Web sites,
 Databases,
 Digital images,
 Video, and
 Audio recordings.
Contents of the e-Archives
 Approximately 5 TB in e-Archives
 Includes multiple copies
 1.6 TB of GIS data (vector data and imagery)
 0.5 TB of high resolution Digital Photos
 0.3 TB Includes textual material, digital photo, audio/video
and website snapshots
 300 GB of Governors databases (mail database)
 100 GB of Scanned Images (historic documents)
The Landscape
 DSpace is primary access tool (2009)
 <14,000 = files (objects) in DSpace
 ~160 GB in Asset Store
 Some publications cross-linked to library catalog
But several things NOT in DSpace
 Website Archives
 Snapshots captured by KDLA
 Since 2010 – Archive-It
 GIS Data
 Some shapefiles and map images in DSpace
 Geodatabase snapshots on file server
 Preservica (2012)
 High-resolution photos
 Other records not in DSpace
Files on the file server
Accession metadata
 Screenshot of accession data
KDLA’s Electronic Records Accession form
 Metadata captured:
 Agency Info - Includes Record Group number which links out to other (paper)
accession databases
Accession number – “E” (for electronic)/year/000-999
Method of Transfer – Optical disk, Email, Download from website, FTP.
Download site url if applicable
Total number of files
Volume in MB
For each series:
Series Number
Folder name
Number of Files
Format (PDF, DOC, JPG, TIF)
Date span
 Technical Contact info – person responsible for electronic record
 Records Officer
 Other technical/preservation metadata based on file type
 Only PDF and Digital images
KDLA’s Electronic Records Accession form
 Issues:
 All manual – not automated
 Only internal – we have to fill out
 Manual form on website, but staff still have to enter into database
 No extraction of metadata from files/objects
 Doesn’t capture file names – only total number of files
 No fixity information (checksums)
 Only sight verification – open folders and count number of files
 Mixed media an issue – folders with multiple file types
 Many times don’t have technical contact info
 Technical/preservation information is often incomplete
 Again, manual – no validation/extraction of technical information
 Mirrors Paper system
DSpace Simple Item Record
DSpace Full Item Record
 Item-level organization
 Metadata from template added to file/object
 Extended Dublin Core
 Allowed for hierarchical arrangement
 Communities & Collections changed to Agencies & Series
 Search based on metadata (text files full-text searchable)
 Can export AIP-based package
 Added some accession metadata
 Accesion number to DC template
 Changed DSpace license agreement to a transmittal statement
DSpace Transmittal
 This transmittal agreement serves as acknowledgment that,
per KRS 171.580 (1), and 725 KAR 1:040, a copy of a state
agency record is being transferred in electronic format to the
Public Records Division, Kentucky Department for Libraries
and Archives.
 The submitted record is an accurate copy of the title in
question. No access restrictions shall be applied to the
Added our accession metadata.
Working on adding the DSpace Dublin Core metadata.
DSpace – Preservica Issues
 DSpace exports to METS
 Lots of versions of METS
 Lacks a namespace file
 Could export METS file but required programming
 DSpace uses Extended Dublin Core – Preservica used basic
 Got Preservica to repeat extended fields
How much metadata do we need?
 Questions over the value of the accession metadata
 Important:
 Agency name
 Date of accession (into archive)
 Schedule records are attached to
 Content of transfer Name/number files
 Questionable:
 Method of transfer – may change
 Contact Information
Thank You!
 Contact Info:
 Mark Myers – Texas State Archives
 Email: [email protected]
 Kentucky Department Libraries
and Archives
 Glen McAninch:
[email protected]
 e-Archives site:

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