Course Selection for 2011-12

Grade 10’s choosing their
Grade 11 courses
Choose courses wisely NOW.
Timetable changes are difficult once the
semester starts.
Make realistic choices based on skills and
post-secondary plans.
Use course selection sheet as rough copy.
Check your credit history /requirements on
the course selection website.
Should have 16 credits by June.
Check to see how many compulsory credits
you still need. Look carefully at the
additional credits required (3 categories).
Complete Community service and submit
Prepare for Literacy test
Read short descriptions of courses by clicking
on blue course code on online screen or in
“Chart Your Course”.
Ensure you have the course prerequisite.
Talk to the teachers in that subject area.
Talk to your parents and friends about their
experiences but honor your strengths and
New courses : HSP3C0, HSP3U0,(Anthro.)
HZB3M0(Philosophy), TFJ3C9 (Hospitality
Hospitality or Construction
You get a RED SEAL on your graduation
diploma if you complete all the required
For more information, set up a meeting
with your counsellor.
Attend summer school to do make-up credits.
Sign up online on May 1
If you get 40% or higher in a course, you may
take a 2 week summer make-up. If you score
below 40%, you must take the full month
summer course.
Summer coop is a great option to earn 2
credits in the summer! *Earlier deadline to
apply. See your counsellor by the end of
February to apply.
List of Packages with descriptions include;
Cooperative education(work) – 4 credits
Childcare – 4 credits
Freedom Writers – 2 credits
Construction Engineering – 4 credits
Hospitality – 2 credits
Yearbook – 2 credits
ACES – 4 credits
Look at college, university and
apprenticeship websites. Research program
Colleges and universities may have
additional requirements beyond the courses
that you must take to graduate from high
If you plan to attend university or college
you should select grade 11 courses that are
prerequisites for the grade 12 courses you
You will receive a
purple course
selection sheet
from your
teacher today.
Go to
Click on Course Selection (left)
Scroll down to course selection link
Login. If your password does not work, ask
your teacher to reset it, or see your counselor.
To restart , use your birth date (YYMMDD) as
the password and change it immediately.
You must select your courses on-line by
Thursday, February 21. After that date,
all changes must go through a
Securing courses is first come, first
 You
must print
off your
choices, have a
parent sign,
and hand it to
Do it promptly.
Do it realistically.
Do your research.
If you must make changes, do
it before the end of the school
Good luck!

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