DBHDID Initiatives to Promote Community Integration

DBHDID Initiatives to Promote
Community Integration
And Alternatives to Congregate Settings
Reflections on Where We Are:
 The power of living in one’s own home
 The importance of work
 The critical importance of “lived experience” in helping
others along in their own recovery
 The necessity of investing (consistently) in things that people
want and that are proven to be effective
DBHDID Initiatives
 Partnership with Kentucky Housing Corporation
(Supportive Housing Specialist; targeted rental assistance)
The PROMISE Program – developing permanent supportive
Support for the transformation of the Center for
Rehabilitation and Recovery
Johnson & Johnson / Dartmouth Supported Employment
Olmstead Wraparound Funding
Peer Support Specialist training and certification
Medicaid behavioral health transformation (e.g. 1915i SPA)
Why Aren’t We Further Along ?
 Lots of effective, small scale efforts – nothing taken to scale
 Recognition that housing is not the problem; providing the
necessary, flexible package of services and supports is
 We’ve lacked the infrastructure to support effective
implementation of evidence-based practices
 It is difficult for state agencies to implement system change
(multi-year) over a number of budget cycles, administration
changes, etc.
What Is It Going to Take ? (to create a
“life in the community” for all)
 A coming together (with strong advocacy) from a number of
groups (consumers, family members, providers, state agencies)
The “will” to transform the public behavioral health system in hard
Must examine current initiatives and “bring to scale” the ones that
are the key ingredients to supporting individuals where they want
to live
Must provide a consistent message (e.g. “people don’t recover in
facilities”, “treatment works”, “we know how to support people in
community settings”)
Must ask consumers (not once but ongoing) what they want and
what they need to recover
Louis Kurtz
Acting Division Director
Kentucky Division of Behavioral Health
100 Fair Oaks Lane, 4E-D
Frankfort, KY 40621-0001
[email protected]

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