Policies Principals Should Know - Jefferson County Public Schools

Policies Principals
Should Know
Available on JCPS website
General Counsel webpage
Board of Education webpage
Policy Manual also provided to each School
Principal and Cost Center Head
JCBE Policies are in the process of review and
revision with the assistance of
administration, the Kentucky School Boards
Association, the JCBE Policy Development
Committee and the Board of Education
New numbering system
Easily searchable online
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
20 USC Section 1232 g
34 CFR part 99
Kentucky Family Education Rights and
Privacy Act
KRS 160.700 et seq.
Defines student records
When records may be disclosed
Handling records from Juvenile Court
Flagging the records of a missing child
Handling court orders/subpoenas
DI: name, address, grade level, honors and
awards, photos, and major field of study
NEW! DI now includes student photos
Not videos
Parent/guardian/eligible student may opt-out
Opt-out form is contained in Code of Conduct
Photo/Video Release Form
Kentucky law:
 KRS 161.148
 KRS 160.380 (6)
Defines Volunteers:
Volunteers are defined as adults who assist
teachers, administrators, or other staff in
public school classrooms, schools, or school
district programs, and who do not receive
compensation for their work.
At District expense —
Shall be performed on all volunteers who
 Contact with students on a regularly
scheduled and/or continuing basis
 Supervisory responsibility for children at a
school site or on school-sponsored trip.
Persons convicted of or pleading guilty to:
sexual offenses
Drug offenses
Any felony offense
Shall not be utilized as volunteers.
KRS 161.164
No employee of the local school district shall
take part in the management or activities of
any political campaign for school board.
No candidate for school board shall solicit or
accept any political assessment,
subscription, contribution, or service of any
employee of the school district
KRS 161.990:
Any person who violates any provisions of
KRS 161.164 shall be guilty of a Class A
School board candidate disqualified from
holding office.
Any employee who willfully violates KRS
161.164 shall be ineligible for employment in
the schools for five years.
State Board for Elementary and Secondary
Education v. Howard, 834 SW2d 657 (Ky.
“Activities” struck from KRS 161.164(1) in
Kentucky Attorney General issued opinion
OAG 92-145 listing permitted and prohibited
Employees of the Jefferson County Public
School District shall not engage in political
activities on JCPS property during
school/office hours.
School equipment may not be used for
political purposes by employees.
KRS 161.026 requires EPSB to develop a
professional code of ethics
State regulation: 16 KAR 1:020
Violation of the Code may be grounds for
revocation or suspension of Kentucky
teacher/administrator certification by EPSB
Violation could result in disciplinary action
Superintendent Duty to Report to EPSB
Confidentiality of student information-Examples of Violations from EPSB:
 Release of Student Information in emails
 Allowing class to be recorded and posted on
the web
 Social Networking—pictures or names of

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