Community Assessment Reflection

Community Assessment
Reflection: Teen
Faith Holt
Frontier Nursing University
London Kentucky
 London Kentucky is located in southeastern Kentucky
 London has a population of about 60,000 residents
Problem Statement
London Kentucky has an increased
risk of long term consequences
among adolescents related to
teenage pregnancy as
demonstrated by the information
gathered in my community
Teen Pregnancy
• There are more than 1 million teen
pregnancies in the
United States each year
• The national average is 34 births per 1,000
for ages 15-19
• Kentucky is ranked 7th in the nation for
teen pregnancies
• Kentucky’s average is 52 births per 1,000
• London’s average is 68 births per 1,000
Factors that increase the risk of
teen pregnancy
• Growing up in poverty
20.6% of the residents of London are listed as
being below the poverty level
• Being a child of a teen mother
• Being the victim of sexual abuse or
• Lack of involvement with friends, family,
school, and community
• Dropping out of school
Problems of Early Pregnancy
• Delayed or lack of prenatal care
• Poor nutritional habits during pregnancy
Can lead to anemia and low weight gain
• Increased risk of alcohol and drug abuse,
including smoking, during pregnancy
Can complicate pregnancy and increases
the likelihood of premature birth
Health Risks to Infant
• Prematurity
• Low birth weight
• Maltreatment
• Death
Long-term consequences
Teenage births are associated with lower annual
income for the mother
Eighty percent of teen mothers must rely on
welfare at some point
Teenage mother are more likely to drop out of school
Only about one-third of teen mothers obtain a
high school diploma
Teenage pregnancies are associated with increased
rates of alcohol abuse and substance abuse, lower
educational level, and reduced earning potential in
teen fathers
Cost of Teen Pregnancy
In the United States, the annual cost of
teen pregnancies from lost revenues, public
assistance, child health care, and foster care
is estimated at $7 billion.
Kentucky spends $132 million each year
on teen mothers and their children
As a Family Nurse Practitioner I will offer education
on the following:
• Abstinence
• Contraception and its availability
• Sexual education
• Character development
• Problem-solving skill development
• Peer counseling programs
• Strategies for ensuring teenager’s school success
• Job training
I have personal knowledge of being a teenaged mother.
I had my first child when I was 15 years old. I will be able
to share my personal experience with the adolescents I
Being a teen mother changes your life forever. No
longer are you able to think about yourself only, but put
your child before yourself. Children are a lot of work, and
require care at all times.
I feel my personal experience, along with what I have
learned in my community assessment, will allow me to
have a connection with the teenagers in my community and
will allow me to make a difference in their lives.
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