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By:Sophie, Sydney, Michaela,
Isabella, and Renee
“Matched” is taken place in the future for many reasons. One reason is that they get all their
meals through a special machine that gives them all the same amount of portions. Also,
when they are Matched, they get a micro card that you plug into a “port” to learn about
your Match. In Society, they are very tech savvy which tells us that it is in the future because
we don’t use technology for meals in the present like they do in Society.
Cassia Reyes and her family live in Mapletree Borough, in the Oria Province, along with
Xander’s family and Ky’s. Cassia, Ky, and Xander also spend a lot of their time at the pool and
in the game room as leisure activities. During hiking, Ky and Cassia spend all their time at
The Hill where she learns a bunch of things from Ky.
• We think this is what Society
looks like because they use air
trains which look like the
bridges in the sky of this
• Cassia lives in the Mapletree
borough. She is happy, loving,
brave, and sometimes confused.
She has long brown hair and hazel
eyes. She shows a lot of love
towards her Grandfather during his
last few days. Cassia is a major
character, in fact the main
character and a protagonist. She
has a best friend named Xander
and at the Matching ceremony,
they were Matched together.
Although, later she found out she
was Matched with another boy,
too. Cassia seems to be a dynamic
character because she changes
from time to time.
• We think this looks like Cassia
because she has brown hair
and hazel eyes like described in
the book
• Xander also lives in the
Mapletree borough. He is
handsome, with blond hair, and
bright blue eyes. He is very
caring towards everyone,
especially Cassia. He has been
best friends with Cassia forever
and seems like a perfect match.
He is a major character and
Cassia’s love interest. He seems
to be a protagonist because he is
the perfect match for Cassia.
Xander is the same throughout
the story, so he is a static
•We think this looks like
Xander because he has
blond hair and is handsome
like Cassia describes him
• Ky lives in the Mapletree Borough
along with Cassia and Xander. Ky
is hard-working, loyal, and
handsome. He has brown hair
and his eye color tends to change
depending on what he is wearing.
Ky is an aberration which means
he cannot be Matched.
Aberrations are not dangerous,
but very rare. He is a major
character but an antagonist
because he’s not the one Cassia
should fall for. Ky is also a
dynamic character because he is
different from the time Cassia
met him to the end of the story.
•We think this looks like Ky
because he has brown hair and
his eyes are brown because of
the color of his jacket
• Grandfather is a youngerlooking man. He is kind, loving
and very influential towards his
family. Grandfather is a minor
character and a protagonist,
although in the beginning he
gave Cassia a lot of help, he
sadly died because he turned
eighty years old. He is also a
static character because he
doesn’t change, he’s always in
his apartment and always kind
and caring towards his family.
We think this looks like grandfather
because he looks younger and he
has silver strands of hair like the
book describes him.
• Bram is Cassia’s younger
brother. He is “skinny, browneyed, straight-backed, and
small.” Bram is also brave,
caring, and determined. He
resembles Grandfather which is
what he wanted. He cares a lot
about his family and his family’s
history. Bram is a protagonist
and a static character, he
doesn’t change at all
throughout the book. Her little
brother is a minor character all
though he is included in
important parts of the story
We think this is what Bram
looks like because he is
skinny, brown eyed, and
straight-backed like the
book says.
Rising Action
At the Matching ceremony, Cassia gets Matched with her best friend, Xander.
Even though Cassia already knows everything about Xander, she still wants to look at
the microcard of information about him. Xander’s face is supposed to come up, but it
Ky Markham’s face comes up and quickly disappears, leaving Cassia confused
The Matching Official finds out about this and tells Cassia it was some kind of prank and
not to worry. Xander is her only Match.
Cassia signs up for hiking for her leisure activity and she starts spending time with Ky on
the hiking trips
Xander and Cassia went on their first Match date but the whole time Cassia thought
about Ky.
Ky draws his life story on napkins for Cassia which makes her think about him even
Cassia lets her friend, Em, borrow her artifact for her own Matched banquet
After the banquet, Em gave the artifact to Ky to give back to Cassia and she gets worried
she won’t get it back.
At hiking the next day, Ky gives back her Grandfather’s artifact along with his own too.
Society decides that they are going to search the houses in Mapletree borough and take
everyone’s artifacts
Cassia gets worried about her own artifact and Ky’s as well so Xander tells her that he
will take her artifact and hide it.
Instead of Cassia giving Xander her own artifact, she gives him Ky’s artifact.
• Cassia is getting tested for her job placement and is to sort people based on skill,
including Ky, she puts him in the higher class not knowing what will happen.
• Cassia hears screaming in the middle of the night and realizes it is Aida Markham,
Ky’s aunt.
• She knew it was about Ky so she ran after him but wasn’t allowed to get close.
• She runs over and realizes that Ky is getting sent away to fight against the Enemy,
along with the rest of the higher class and it is all her fault.
• The Officials also don’t want anyone in Mapletree Borough to remember this night
so they make everyone take a red tablet, wiping their memories.
• As they come around to check, Cassia pretends to put the tablet in her mouth but
drops it on the ground and steps on it. Cassia wants to remember this night.
• The Officials tell Cassia that everything between her and Ky was planned as an
experiment so they could gather data, then write an article about it.
• Cassia has believed all this time that she was in love with Ky and Ky was with her,
but she gets mad at the Officials for ruining her life and many others, including her
Falling Action
• After the incident in Mapletree Borough the past night, Molly Reyes gets a private
call on the port.
• The Officials tell the mom that she and her family are getting Relocated to the
Farmlands of Keya Province.
• On their last day, Cassia goes to the museum to figure out more information about
where Ky used to live in the Outer Provinces and where the war might be.
• She sees that the war against the Enemy is near the Sisyphus river
• Xander find out that the Reyes are moving, and comes to say goodbye to Cassia.
• He tells her that even though he took the red tablet, they don’t work on him and
he remembers the whole night.
• Xander gives her blue tablets, which helps you survive if you don’t get enough food,
and Ky’s compass
• She realizes he knows that she is going to find Ky in the Outer Provinces.
Character Vs. Society
• In Matched, The society wanted Cassia to love
Xander. Although, they also made her love Ky.
Ky wasn’t suppose to love anyone until, he
falls in love with Cassia and Cassia falls in love
with him. Cassia tries to go against the society
but, the society back fires on her. Cassia’s not
sure what to do because she was matched
with two boys.
Character Vs. Itself
• Cassia isn’t sure if or when she should tell
Xander how she feels about Ky. She doesn’t
know how he will take it because after all, he
is her match. She loves Ky, but she still has
some feelings for Xander. She doesn’t want to
ruin her and Xander’s friendship but she can’t
stop thinking about Ky.
Character Vs. Character
• When Cassia finds out the Officials put Ky into
the matching pool on purpose, she is very
upset. She doesn’t understand why Society
would want to ruin someone’s life just to write
an article. The Officials are too busy to
monitor the situation so they won’t change
anything. They didn’t even seem to feel bad
for what they did to Cassia, which made her
most upset.
• We think the theme is
“Don’t give up for what
you believe in.” In the
story, Cassia won’t quit
when she believes that she
loves Ky. Although, she's
not supposed to but, that
won’t stop her from trying
to be with Ky.
• The resolution in Matched
is when she goes to the
Farmlands. Then, they
send her on a 3 month
work detail because she
rebelled against Society.
Cassia gets sent to a
Western Province and she
is going to look for Ky. Her
family and Xander are
going to try to help her find
• In the beginning of Matched it was cheerful because
Cassia got matched with Xander and everything
seemed perfect.
• By the end of the story, the mood had changed to
stressful and depressing. This is because she loves Ky
more then Xander when she isn’t supposed to.
Which creates controversy with everyone she loves.
• “’Congratulations, Cassia,’ my father whispers to me,
his expression relieved. My mother says nothing but
she beams with delight and embraces me tightly.”
• - Cassia, Xander, and Ky pictures Bram picture - Grandfather picture - picture on setting page of future - picture of the hill - picture of compass - picture of war

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