LO: - BSHGCSEgeography

Why do we need to conserve water?
• List at least 5 reasons…..
Water conservation
How can we conserve water around
the home….
Industry: Case study Walkers crisps,
Task: use the
resources on p155 to
explain how water
can be conserved in
Walkers have reduced their water
usage by 50% saving 700 million
liters of water a year.
• They have installed water meters
• Recycled water in production
• Educated employees about
wasting water in sanitation
processes- ‘water champions’
Agriculture water conservation in HICs
Explain why drip
irrigation is more
Q: How and why is water management
different in LICs and HICs? (6)
Mark scheme
• You need to clearly explain a water
management scheme in an LIC and HIC- within
this case study specific details need to
included and you need to clearly explain how
this manages the water issue
• Explanation of why the management schemes
needs in HICs and LICs are different must be
included to achieve a level 3 (5-6 mark

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