Why Your Best Employees Leave

Why Your Best
Employees Leave
And What To Do About It
49% of all employees are not
satisfied with their direct supervisor
Only 21% of employees feel
strongly valued at work
Highly engaged employees are 87%
less likely to leave the company they
work for than their counterparts
$11 billion is lost annually due to
employee turnover
These stats should worry you.
If it hasn’t happened yet,
it will…
Remember that amazing,
incredible person you just
One day they might quit.
Without notice.
And you’ll be furious, constantly
wondering why…
There are only reasons your best
employees will leave…
Let’s go through them – from
most common to least.
1. Their boss
 This is the #1 reason people leave a company
 They quit their boss, not their company
 Main reasons:
Their boss is too political
Their boss is too self-centered/focused
They don’t receive fair recognition for their work
They aren’t working on something important to them
FACT: 75% of people voluntarily
leaving jobs don’t quit their jobs;
they quit their bosses
2. Company culture
 Your culture is everything from how you communicate to
how you prioritize and how work gets done
 A constant focus on improving your culture is required to
keep great people engaged and productive
 ABL – Always Be Listening, for new ideas and ways to
 Aim to create a transparent culture where everyone has
an equal voice
FACT: Job turnover at an
organization with a high focus on
company culture is 13%, but 48% in
companies with a low focus
Create an amazing company culture
StackHands helps you
collect ideas and feedback
from your employees to
make your company an
incredible place to work.
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3. Their work
Most people want work that challenges them
If all of their time is spent being bored, they’ll leave
Your best people should be given the hardest work
They should always be pushed and challenged
They want to be strongly engaged every day
If not, they’ll go work somewhere they are
FACT: Companies with engaged
employees outperform those
without by up to 202%
4. Work/life balance
It’s not productive to work 18 hour days every day
Great people forced to work long hours get burnt out
Remember: your best people get more done in less time
If they have clear goals, let them work however they
want and from wherever they want
 Give them adequate time outside the office
 Encourage workaholics to take time off regularly
FACT: Happy workers are 12% more
productive than the average worker and
unhappy workers are 10% less
5. Career progression
 If a great person is kept in the same role for longer than
1-2 years, they’ll find progression at another company
 Your best people will always want to keep “climbing the
career ladder” – and you need to help them do that
 Start with more responsibility and then a title change
 Remember: not all great individual contributors make
great managers
FACT: Companies who implement
employee feedback programs have
turnover rates that are 14.9% lower
Implement your own employee feedback
program and reduce turnover
StackHands helps you
collect ideas and feedback
from your employees to
make your company an
incredible place to work.
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