IFX Forum
Benefits of Membership
August 2012
Our Mission
The mission of the Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX)
Forum is to develop and promote adoption of IFX, an
open, interoperable standard for financial data
exchange. The IFX standard is designed to meet the
business requirements of the global financial services
Organization Background
The IFX Forum is a non-profit organization funded by member dues
Executive management of the IFX Forum is through a Steering
Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors; the Architecture
Committee is the only standing committee
Members may propose the formation of a Working Group to address
any topic. Typically three members sponsor a Working Group
Current Working Groups are:
Branch Banking Services
Business Banking
Card Management & Servicing
Liaison & Interoperability
Bang for Your Buck!
Membership can benefit your organization in numerous
ways, many of which are competitive advantages:
You’ll network and collaborate with industry experts
Your business requirements are guaranteed to be considered for
inclusion in the IFX standard
You will drive the evolution of IFX and set the Forum’s priorities
Your participation will demonstrate industry and thought
You’ll have early visibility into new content
You will have exclusive access to members-only materials
You’ll have opportunity to influence international standards for
electronic financial transactions
Details follow…
Networking & Collaboration
IFX Forum holds several face-to-face meetings
each year
Members may send unlimited attendees at no charge
(also to ongoing Working Group meetings)
Attendees include representatives of major financial
institutions and other major firms, as well as up-andcoming innovative small companies
Ample networking opportunities occur at meetings
Members can obtain IFX advice from others in
Working Group teleconferences and on Forum
Put Your Requirements into IFX
Only members may contribute to or participate
in the development of IFX
 As a member, you can propose content that
fits the business needs of your company and
your customers -- an advantage over your
 Members may propose new Working Groups
to address areas of particular interest not
already included in IFX
Shape the Future of IFX
Member privileges include Architecture
Committee participation, where the future
direction of IFX is charted
 Members may run for office/vote for
candidates, selecting the organization’s
leadership and determining its priorities
Showcase Your Leadership
Membership demonstrates an organization’s
leadership role in the industry and
commitment to cutting-edge solutions
 The IFX Forum membership roster is very
good company to be seen in!
Access Members-Only Materials
Members access everything at no charge,
where non-members would pay $$$
 Members-only materials include:
Implementation Guides and other documentation
Sample source code
Work in progress
Automated XSD generation facility for the BMS
Working Group listserve content
Preview New Content
Content not publicly released is available to
members as it is developed
 You can have your implementation ready to
launch before your competition even hears
what is in the next version of IFX!
Influence International Standards
Through the Forum’s liaison activities with
other standards bodies, you have the
opportunity for input into the work of:
Membership Categories
Corporate Membership
For entities with annual revenue > $50 million
US, or banks with assets > $1 billion US
Small Business Membership $5,995
For entities with annual revenue < $50 million
US, or banks with assets < $1 billion US
Both categories are Voting Members
Small Business members may run for Board of
Directors seats after two years of membership
More information…
 [email protected]

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