What is a Socrative?

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can
only make them think”
― Socrates
By: Mary Ann Clark
Socrative is a smart student response system
that empowers teachers by engaging their
classrooms with a series of educational
exercises and games. Our apps are super
simple and take seconds to login. Socrative
runs on tablets, smartphones, and laptops.
Take a snapshot of student thinking through
real time formative assessment. It's super easy
to gather responses and get whole class
participation. Just choose your question type,
ask a question, and wait for responses.
Check in on your students' understanding as
they head out the door. Gather responses on
their comfort with the material as well as
answers to questions you create in real time or
prepare before class.
Design your own evaluation exercises in minutes by
importing questions or inputting them on the website.
We'll save them in your account so you can access
them anytime.
 AUTO-GRADED-Once the exercises are
completed, you'll receive an aggregated report.
The multiple choice will be graded for you.
 QUESTION VARIETY- Questions can be multiple
choice, short answer, or a combination of the two.
It's your choice! Once the exercises are completed,
you'll receive an aggregated report. The multiple
choice will be graded for you.
Use a Search Engine and type in socrative.com
Click Get Started Now!
Type in your email address and create a password.
Then click Create Account.
Once you have created an account you can begin
creating informal assessments….
Socrative Student
.. Students will need the Room Number
Socrative Teacher
.. You will need your email and password
Single Question Activities
Multiple Choice Questions
True/ False
Short Answer
Create, Edit, and Import Quizzes
Manage Quizzes
My Account
My Profile
 Clear Room
 Log Out
Quiz-Based Activities
Short Quiz
Exit Ticket
Space Race
Click The Type Students will be completing.
Select a Saved Quiz since you already created one.
Student Paced- students take quiz on own time
and have no time limit.
Teacher Paced- Teacher determines amount of
time for quiz and sets limits.
During Quiz Time it will show teacher how many
students are in the Room.
OOOps a student didn’t close out of the quiz.. On
your Main Menu you can clear rooms..
After students have taken the quiz
Manage Quizzes
Retrieve Quiz Reports
Send Report
Download Report
Have Fun Diving Into The World of
Instant Reports!!!!
Why sit and grade every quiz you give
your students..
Use Socrative and
Let it do the work for you!!!!

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