How To Use Chromebooks: A classroom guide

How to Use
A classroom guide
• What is a ChromeBook?
• How can I preview apps?
• ChromeBook Basics
• Using ChromeBooks in
Your Classroom
What *is* a ChromeBook?
• It looks like a laptop, but it isn’t!
• Features:
• No hard drive, CD, etc.
• USB only
• Student-proofing
• No Ethernet, so…
• Just a browser, apps, and a keyboard
What *is* a ChromeBook?
You can think of a ChromeBook as:
An Internet-dependent tablet
That starts up super fast
Powered by Google’s Chrome operating system
With the only app natively stored on the device being a browser
Everything else is composed of Web apps (email, photos,
documents), or apps that run while you’re connected to a
Of course, this means there’s very little you can do on the
ChromeBook without Internet access.
• The high point about everything being saved on the Web is that
you’ll have access to it from any computer.
• Plus, if a ChromeBook ever bites the dust, students won’t have to
worry about losing all their apps, documents, and settings.
In this tour, you’ll walk through
the main screens you’ll
encounter while using a
• Sign-in screen
• The desktop area
• The browser window
The first screen you’ll see after starting up
your Chrome device is the main sign-in
All the Google Accounts added to the device
will show up here.
How can I preview apps?
• On your teacher laptop, download
and install the web browser from
Google called Google Chrome
• Chrome is what runs on a
• Keep it straight, noob
• Here’s the site:
How can I preview apps? - cont.
• Once Chrome is installed, launch it.
• Open a new tab
How can I preview apps? - cont.
Sign in with a Google account
• Yours using your WVUSD email
address and password, or
• [email protected]
• Walnut2020
How can I preview apps? - cont.
• Click the ‘Store’ icon.
How can I preview apps? - cont.
• Choose a category, or just search.
How can I preview apps? - cont.
• Find an app and click ‘Add to Chrome.’
How can I preview apps? - cont.
• Back on a Chrome tab, locate the app
and click it!
How can I preview apps? - cont.
• If you like it, that app can be put on all
72 ChromeBooks for you!
Using your
smartphone as a
A Chrome Book advantage for teachers
Search for 'presentation'
Locate 'Pres. Remote' click 'Add to Chrome'
In the Chrome Browser, open a new
tab and then open the 'Remote' app
On your smartphone, download the
"de Mobo" app.
Link the Chrome app to
your smartphone
Publish the presentation to Google
Publish the presentation to Google
Publish the presentation to Google
Paste that link into the
Chrome ´Remote' app at the top yadda yadda
Away you go on
your phone!

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