Student Teaching Orientation

Student Teaching Orientation
Days and Times
 You will student teach Monday through Friday
 Generally you’ll be in the classroom for four periods
one preparation, one observation, and two teaching
periods in your content area.
 Mandatory meeting each quarter to evaluate your
supervisor and resident teacher – in ESEC 520C.
 Questions?
Get a phone number and email address for
 Your university supervisor
 Your resident teacher
 Your school site
 Contact all of the above if you will be absent or late to
your student teaching assignment – they count on you
being there!
Give your phone number and you MUST use your campus
Be The Teacher
 The first day come to the school like it was your first
day on the job.
 You should always dress and be a professional.
 Remember that confidentiality is an important
responsibility and watch your conversations in the
teachers’ lounge or office areas.
 Questions??
Teaching Performance Assessments
 You’ll be concurrently enrolled in either ESEC 550B
520B and completing a Teaching Performance
Assessment with your student teaching classroom.
 Be sure to share with your resident teacher what
your teaching performance assessment task is about
and what you will need to complete it including
permission forms.
 Questions?
Get a Binder
 Your supervisor will be so happy if you keep all of
your work for the course in a clearly marked binder
that the supervisor can find and check at every visit.
 When the supervisor arrives they will read your
analysis of student work, your reflections and your
plans for the current lesson as well as your weekly
 The resident teacher can also use the binder to
include his or her observations or comments.
Class, School and Community Report
 Directions for this are in the Single Subject Handbook
 Find the Handbook on the Single Subject webpage
 The purpose is to help you and your supervisor understand
the context of your teaching.
 It will also help you understand the students you are
teaching as individuals and includes similar information to
that required by the TPA.
 This should be one of your first written assignments in
each quarter of student teaching.
 Questions?
Long Term Plans
 You will start by observing and participating in the
classroom – helping individual students, working with
small groups, handling routine parts of the day like the
beginning or end.
 You will develop a plan for the quarter with your resident
teacher to identify when you will take responsibility for
each content area. This should include the requirements
for your TPA.
 The goal is that for two weeks you will teach all the
content areas including planning, instruction and
 Questions?
Lesson Plans
 Unit plans – may be needed for science or social
studies methods classes
Weekly plans – include plans for all the lessons you
teach each week
Lesson plans – choose a format that your resident
teacher and supervisor agree on. Submit your lesson
plans to your resident teacher for approval 3 days in
advance of the lesson to be taught.
A complete approved lesson plan must be available
for every lesson observed by the supervisor.
Analysis of Student Work
 The directions are in the Handbook
 After each observed lesson you will need to complete
A reflection on the lesson
An analysis of the student work of two students
 These will be filed in your binder for your supervisor
 Questions?
Course Grades
 The class is Credit/No Credit
 How to pass – listen to the feedback of your resident
teacher and supervisor and work hard. You need a
“3” of better on all Teaching Performance
Expectation areas on the final assessment
 How to fail – don’t communicate, don’t attend, don’t’
do the work, act unprofessionally, and so much more
 Profession Growth Plans – used when you need extra
support such as a clear timeline to meet the Teaching
Performance Expectations. Take it seriously!
Student Teacher Responsibilities
Read the Handbook
 There are 15 General Responsibilities
 There are 15 more based on the timeline of the
What if???
 You have trouble with your resident teacher?
 You have trouble with your university supervisor?
 Questions??
Substitute Teaching
 If you are hired by the district in which you are
student teaching as a substitute teacher (Most
districts require a BA to be a substitute teacher)
 You may substitute teach for your resident teacher
 If you’re asked to substitute teach for more than two
days at a time, contact your supervisor or the
Director of Supervision, Cathy Provencio for
 Questions?
Policies About Student Teaching
 See the Handbook, Appendix B
 You’ll find all the policies for tough situations
 If you have a situation, you can also check with
 Your university supervisor
 The Director of Supervision, Cathy Provencio
 The Single Subject Program Director,
Dr. Juan Gutierrez or Dr. Mick Verdi

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