New Directions

Story by: Maya Angelou
• 1903 Annie Johnson lived in Arkansas.
• Her husband left her with two young kids and little
money. He left to become a priest in Oklahoma.
 A quote from new directions is she looked up the road
she was going and back the way she came and she
wasn’t satisfied she decided to step off the road and cut
herself a new path.
 This means that she didn’t want to be like all other
women back then. She wanted to be one of a kind.
 Appearance: Annie was a big-boned African American
 Actions: She made herself a shop so she could feed her
kids and herself.
 Inner thoughts: She knew she would survive as a single
 Brave: she was brave to make herself a new path.
 Strong minded: she was strong minded because she
wouldn’t give up no matter what happened.
 Confident: she was confident that she would prevail.
 She gets a divorce and she also has to get a job. She gets
a divorce because her and her husband are not
satisfied with their marriage. She didn’t want to be a
household servant so she created her a job making
meat pies for the workers at the sawmill and cotton
gin. Being a divorced mom with two kids had a major
impact on her.
 She has to face a divorce. This effects her because she
has two kids. This changed her because she has to get a
job to support her and her kids. She creates her own
store to survive.

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