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New Multi-User Licensing Technology
Derek Bove
Technical Product Manager
+1 (802) 367-6108
[email protected]
Cathy Gettel
Dealer Network Manager
+1 (802) 367-6114
[email protected]
What is this new technology?
• Ai Squared is replacing our current network license with a
new licensing technology that is more flexible and easier
for administrators to configure.
• This new solution will replace any future Network License
sales as of today (12/11/2012).
How does it work?
• Same concept as the old network license.
• Requires installation of a server component and then
installations of client software installations on all
machines that will be running ZoomText.
How is this different than the existing
network license?
• Does not require a shared folder on the network.
• Works across multiple subnets (machines just need to
be on the same network or domain).
• Easier license management and visibility for system
What about existing customers?
• Existing customers who contact you or Ai Squared and
are having issues with the old network license will be
given the WiBu solution for free.
• We will not automatically give all current customers the
new network product.
How does this impact my sales process?
• No impact, Ai Squared will continue to fulfill Network
License purchases.
• What we need from you:
- Contact Name
- Contact Email
- Contact Phone Number
• Email addresses will be required to fulfill network
license orders.
Live Demo
• Server configuration
- Installation & license activation
• Client installation
- Client installation is identical to a normal ZoomText install
- Differences in behavior between Network and Single user / District
- Where to find product serial number and # of users
• How to access the Server admin settings
- License usage monitoring
Documentation Links:
- Installation Guide:
• MS Word :
• PDF :
- Maintenance Guide:
• MS Word :
• PDF :

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